I was a VERY bad but LUCKY girl today!!

what a day ive had! woke up this morning, looked out side, perfect riding weather!! have to make the most of it! so sent a few texts around seeing whos about for a ride. Only R1cky was free so we met up and went for a blast.

we went quite a way. winsor. oxford, reading etc.

I must say we wasnt hanging about on the country roads…

anyways the reason im so lucky… There we were, hammering along (not going to say what speeds!! ::))

when in the far distance behind us i kept seeing flashing lights on and off. Unmarked copper. flashes his lights on to get cars out of the way and then turns em off so we couldnt see he was behind him! Crafty!!!

I try to get along side ricky to make him aware we’re being chased, him thinking that i want to go faster keeps speeding up!! DOH!!! LOL
finally get along side him and make him aware. we slow down, copper finally catches up! He was trying to catch us for 10 minutes! oopppsss!!!

anyway, he manages to pull me over. ‘I’m sure you dont need an explaination to why ive pulled you over miss’ course I didnt!!! Loads of yes sir no sir anwers. !

‘I have been chasing you two for 10 minutes and I was doing well over *** mph to catch up!! I have all this on video! now if i were to take you to court, which i dont know if im going to do yet, thats a straight 2 year ban to start out with!!’

oh ****! im thining!! anyways he checks my liecence and insurance blah blah blah, all clean of course. Big speech about if some one were to pull out blah blah blah!

‘on your way miss, dont do it again!’


i **** myself to say the least!!! me and ricky couldnt stop laughing about how lucky we were!!

I managed to find ricky after being pulled over, 2 mins down the road, frightfully neow again!!! hehehehehe ;D

Lucky escape there :w00t:

Wow, you are so, so lucky!

I’ll bet those eyelashes were fluttering like they’ve never fluttered before! :wink:

Im really not being sexist stace but i bet he was a bit surprised when he realised you was a’ little blond girlie’ :slight_smile: prob had a bit of respect for your balls out riding tho .
( just you make sure you tell fishface that its not big or clever to ride fast tho ) :smiley:

agree with zeph:D

good job i was working stace!!:w00t:

seriously tho, do calm down…after i got 3 points…i calmed down massively, i even do less miles…cos another 3 and it be re-test time:w00t:

too right my eye lashes were fluttering!! i think he was surprised when i took my lid off.

I will let fishface know its not big and cleaver! at least a 2 year ban!! gezzzz wouldnt know what id do if i had to go through that!!!

Ratty, you sure did miss a good ride lol

Nice work you two. Where about were you and what type of unmarked was it? Just so I know seeing as I live near that area and don’t want the same bother. LOL 10 minutes quality.

luck? your not kidding!!

Why would he let you go if he had it on video?

I’d scratch off two of ya nine lives for that one…

Maybe three!

lucky git! :wink:

Bliddy hell hinny you were lucky. Even though I’m a lassie I’d have been slapped with a ban…to fat and ugly to flutter my eyelids at a copper…LOL!!

I was out on the same roads as you guys today…it sure was a nice day for riding…although a bit nippy! I was alone though so had to settle for racing with a Ferrari, Merc and some little git in a sooped up Corsa! :smiley:

gutted i never went with ya today:D

Lucky you!

Was this still in Surrey? The Surrey police have been told to ‘forget targets, use your discretion, and get more done’. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7428895.stm

That said, loads of Traffic police are bikers too, and understand the temptations. If your riding was safe (apart from the breaking of NSL) then many will have just given ‘the lecture’. :slight_smile:

Do the IAM thing - great fun, and a very useful badge to have on the bike when stopped for exceeding NSL. :wink:

I think I may work on fluttering my eyelashes… But then again I doubt it’ll have the same effect. Darned shame.
Bet they were just glad to have 10 mins of blasting around themselves really :stuck_out_tongue:

And just to think i was one of those you text!!!:w00t:

Glad i was working!!!:wink:

Wouldn’t be able to keep up any way!! I’m way too slow!!! One day i get a ticket!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very lucky, but nice to see a copper doing the right thing.

Jammy cow ! :w00t:

Since when has Windsor and Reading been in Surrey???

I’m not being sexist either but I bet if he’d caught Ricky and not you the outcome would be different :wink:

Glad you got away with it Stace! :wink:

nice to hear you got away with it , gsxrs are so much fun:D