I was a VERY bad but LUCKY girl today!!

Very fortunate :w00t:

You are a very lucky girl!! I am glad I was in Wales and couldn’t make it!! :smiley:

Yer…good being a girl on a bike!!!

Lucky Girl!!

thanks for the replies people, very lucky ey! GSXRs are so fun !! lol

It was near oxford i think, very long stretch of road, what was the road Ricky?


no, it was a401 something?

The B4011 near Aylesbury ? Nice :stuck_out_tongue: Was he waiting on that road or did he chase you that way ?

very lucky to get away with that then :slight_smile:

he didnt have you on film and thats why you didnt get a ticket :wink:


Lucky Girl:hehe:

if that was me i would off got nabbed!!! the old man calls me ticket master:ermm:

Lucky, nice tale.

Bad, bad girl. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Wrong gender, but I thought of this - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wWiVb1zhme0

And i thought i was lucky with all the wheelies and speeding ive been let off with, somehow me thinks you was going alot faster than i can go on my moto :w00t::hehe: