I want this:

How cool is this helmet! At £330, a bit steep, though, but I think I might be worth it. It’s the Schuberth J1, apparently available in November, so that might be now! BabyJ: are you getting any in, in 54/55cm in the silver? Would that take the Autocom system?


Nice idea with the bar across the front paivi, but i would say go with a full face, i would every time just for safty reasons

I’ve got one and I hate it. I wore it for a few days but found it too uncomfortable and put it back in its box. I lost all my peripheral vision, which I find important in Central London. I’ll keep the full face for when I get a proper bike and do long distance and faster speed ride-outs.

In an accident, sure the full face one will be safer, but I just think I’d be more likely to have an accident with one, as I couldn’t see what was around me.

Paivi, if you take one look at my helmet from Friday night, you’ll not want an open-face helmet ever again. They simply aren’t safe. You need to protect your face as well as your head. I landed face first, but got up and walked away. If I was wearing an open-face helmet, I most certainly would either be dead, or severely disfigured. It doesn’t bear worth thinking about.

Please get a full-face lid! I don’t understand why open-face helmets get type approval by the government.

I agree with jay, get the full one one just for safty paivi, you may be thankfull of it one day, although i hope you don’t get to test it out

I’ve got a full face one, a nice Arai SV, and I just can’t wear it in the kind of riding I do, i.e., 80% of my time is spent filtering at low speed between cars. I want to see what’s around me, without having to move my back from side to side, therefore not see what’s infront of me. Mine’s apparently a perfect fit, but why does it suffocate me? There are pads underneath the chin and they only leave enough space for an Adam’s apple, which I don’t even have and I still feel I can’t breathe.

I quite like the sunvisor on the J1, too, but I suppose I could always get another one for the Arai. It’s got the hyperoptics fogcity insert on mine, but I’ve never tested it, as the only time I wore the Arai was a rainy day.

Paivi, full-face helmets take getting used to in some cases, some people feel claustraphobic inside them, but once you get some time in them, they work just fine, your vision won’t be impaired. Couriers filter through London traffic all day, every day with these lids on, so if they can do it, so can you! I’ve commuted through Central London for years and not had any trouble with full-face lids. I would strongly recommend giving it another go, your body is worth so much, and having the right protective clothing is critical, as I learnt again on Friday.

Paivi, wear a full face helmet and learn to turn your head more. I understand what your saying but its the convinience factor that seems to be the deciding factor for you.

I know… The open face ones are just so convenient, especially as I wear glasses and earrings. The Arai is just so uncomfortable, and I always have to take my earrings off before putting the helmet on, or I risk ripping them off when I take it off. The last time I put my Arai on and took the glasses off, a gust of wind blew them on the asphalt and scratched one of the lenses, not best pleased as they were less than a week old and my lenses are about £200 each. I know I’d get used to the Arai, but it really is very uncomfortable, so I’m not sure how much I’d be able to concentrate on my riding when I’d be struggling to breathe.

I would sooner ride with my eyes shut while holding my breathe than wear that helmet

Get yourself an Arai and a good quick realese flipup and practice riding with it up and down until you dont notice it any more, then wear the Arai for life!

As for the earrings, Ill leave that to you!

Well, a friend of mine bought a full face helmet with me, following a lot of pressure from other people. She’d been wearing an open face one for 20 odd years, and like me, hated the full face one, as it made her feel claustrophobic. I don’t have that, it’s just that I really find it difficult to get enough oxygen. She sold hers, I decided to hang onto mine for the winter. She suggested I wear it at home to get used to it. Why not, that’s how I break new shoes in.

And, no, I’m not typing this with my helmet on!

This might change you view, A few months ago I was riding from frith street like any normal night I was flagged down by some people asking if I was a doctor or a medic (what I am not) I looked on the pavment there was a scooter rider lying on his front, he had kiss kerb and smashed all the front of his face open no teeth they were next to him plus half his jaw and lower teeth a witness said he was only doing a u turn the blood was very thick and I ask is he still alive they said yes his eyes moved and looked at me and did not move again after that the ambulance turned up but he was dead that was from 15-20 mph

open face helmets are **** and you could end up like that poor fella in camden!

My tuppence worth;

The three accidents I have seen this summer were all t-bones and in every case you could see where the helmet had bit the car face on. In fact I use a flip in town but would never ride with it open even at low speed because of that.

Seriously, you get used to a full face very quickly. You’ll be filtering on the m-way at 70 odd on your monster in no time

Paivi. I think the face u got is georgious, Get a full face lid n keep it that way,

Being chinless woudn’t suit you,…nuff sed.

see…we only care for you!

try a flip front as mentioned, probably best not to ride with it up but you can pop it whenever you feel the need!

I’ve worn glasses inside a full face helmet for a very long time, and I’ll be the first to admit that buying a new helmet is a pain. You’ve got to try a lot of helmets to get the right fit both for your head, AND your specs! But it’s SO worth the time. No amount of convenience is worth putting yourself at risk for.

If we ever get the chance to meet, I’ll show you how to put on a full face without your glasses ever having to leave your hands!

Ok! you guys convinced me! I do ride my scooter on a open face helmet… I won’t anymore! Will get a ‘proper’ helmet from Arai very soon!

Thank you

Aaaaahhh, if either of us is gorgeous, it’s you: the Gorgeous Gentleman Guy!

This is the worlds first ‘Open-Faced’ helmet to meet the standards of a full face helmet EC22-05…as long as the chin bar is attached…where it better than a Full Face is in a sliding situation.

If you fall off and slide backwards…there is a chance that the chin-bar on a full can catch on things in the road ( cat-eyes etc ) if this happens…game-over neck wise…with the JI the chin bar is designed to detach if it feels this type of force acting against the chin bar…therefore in theory…this makes the open-faced J1 safer than a standard Full face!!

Untill I get hold of one I shall remain neutral…Paivi same goes for Autocom…although as Wolfeyes will vouch for me…schuberth and Autocom dont mix easily!!

full face all the way… it only takes one accident to ruin your life on a bike…

are u willing to risk it?

I think by all the views we would definitely be more worried about your safety than a pair of earings that take u 2 seconds to take off and put into your bag and then put on your full face helmet…

if we all cared more about how cool we look rather than safety we’d be riding round in just t-shirts and jeans or light trousers of various fabrics with sunglasses so we dont mess up our hair… and not tight leathers that do nothing for the body unless you’re a supermodel and a helmet that when you take off makes you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!!

safety first…!

C x