I turned my suspension preload too far!

I suspect you guys wound him up too far and he’s not responding

It seems people are stretching this thread out when it needs compressing

It’s a test to see how well he bounces back from this

I’m afraid if you want to find out the outcome to this cliffhanger, you’ll need to subscribe to TheLondonBikers.com:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wonder if there is a twist ending?

Is that a windup?

Nah, he’s just trying to dampen things down.

Just to then spring back and let use all know how it went.

Oi I made that pun just four posts ago. This kind of pun thievery make me coil in anger.

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Coil down mate, coil down. :laughing:

Just shocking some of these replies.

Showa bit of respect Gav!

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Bloody hell all i did was bump the thread …
Shocking behaviour

Or did they misconstrue my recommendation to get a strap on their rear end ?

I think it’s been forked upsidedown.

Really appreciate how everyone bounced in with suggestions. I hate to dampen the mood.

Sooo here’s the scoop. For a moment I thought the strap wrench was a winner. Sadly I couldn’t get it around tight enough and there isn’t much surface to work with. The ring at the bottom of the suspension is barely 2mm thick. It wouldn’t budge at all. Will try again when I’m not pressed for time. Might need to compress the spring with a ratchet strap and it might turn more easily.

did you try my suggestion?

Serious question @stroker28 where do you live?

2 blokes lifting the back? Haven’t been able to do that yet.

Isle of Dogs.