I turned my suspension preload too far!

Problem statement. How do I compress my rear suspension enough so I can turn my preload back to the highest setting (for pillion and cargo) when I’ve ‘fallen off the cliff’ back to the lowest setting.

The street twin uses a tool that goes into a slot to form a lever for turning the suspension preload. Not a c spanner. There is no back stop on the last slot so I went to far and need to be able to compress the spring to turn it back.

I’ve done some google searches and forum searches and no joy. Any leads welcome. What tool do I need and how do I make it happen.

Can you not just go through the settings upto to the highest
? Instead of going backwards

It will compress the spring as it goes through the various settings .

You may need a bit more leverage which csn be applied with a tube over the spanner end or if you have a large ring spanner these can be made to suffice with a bit of faff

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Technically yes but the lever slot is only on one side, and I can’t turn it in the same direction as there is no room for the lever. It would bang into the chain. I should add a photo to illustrate.

If possible remove shock and re orientate

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I don’t quite have the tools, and experience frankly, to remove the suspension. I think I would need to remove the exhaust pipe as well to do it.

I would speak to @B our resident Suspension Expert.

It’s unusual for such a simple adjustment to be so complicated, it’s usually a two minute job with a lever that fits in the slot and wound round.
If that fails then TimR’s plan of removing the shock would make sense but looking at the pic it appears that looks tricky too with the exhaust obstructing the mounting bolt.

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Maybe worth a punt on something like

And locating it on the marked area and turning in direction shown

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Thanks TimR. That’s the route I will attempt. Looks like a good way to avoid scratches too.

Yup. Left side no issues. Right side, it’s too tight to go all the way around the the lever.

You could try using a ratchet strap to compress the spring. That should take the tension off the adjuster.

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Thanks. Strap wrench is my current plan. If that doesn’t work, ratchet strap on the spring will be next.

Have two mates pick the rear of the bike off the floor by the rear frame. That’ll take all the load off the rear shock and swingarm and give you the least resistance to turning the collar back again.

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Hmmm i love the way the drama has been suspended…
Come on the wait is dampening our morale
Or will it be a shocking disclosure ?


:joy: it’s working! So I finally got this… and will report back when I’ve tried using it! Will spring into action soon.


Kinky, but what has bedroom bondage got to do with fixing your bike. :laughing:

Those tools are amazingly useful. No more wondering if you’re going to break your wrist opening a stubborn jar.

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Hmmmm still curious …

Yeah the suspense is killing me.

I’m sure stroker will spring back into action and let us know.