I think this could be the end

This morning I have done something that can never be forgiven. My wife made me do it even though I didn’t want to and in a way I feel very dirty but more importantly I feel humiliated.

I have never been made to do something like this before and after doing it once I vow never to do it again.

I don’t know at this point in our relationship we can mask over the cracks that she has opened up so badly.

I am a law abiding God loving citizen, but if because of another man she makes me do it again I will do her some permanent damage.

Sorry but I had to share

There’s a story here somewhere…

Tell us what this aweful thing was then?

Today I my friends I purchased a pair of Boyzone tickets

He got caught looking in a scooter shop window:D

Oh dear lord!! I’d file for a divorce right now!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t even realises they were still going.


Jesus Christ… in some countries you’d be (rightlyso) hung drawn and quartered for thaT!!! :w00t:

Please, hand-in your username and go find the exit. There is no redemption.

Dear God. For a moment there I thought it was serious - you’d taken the train to work.

This is not serious???are you kidding

Sir - you have performed a truly disgusting and foul act.

Your wife is clearly a witch and must therefore be burned at the stake.

I’ll get the wood if you fetch the petrol

Of course it’s serious, but all things are relative. I blame your relative.

I’ve just stuck some some Pink Floyd on the stereo as an antidote!

I’ll be there, and don’t worry I’ll even get the expensive stuff :slight_smile:

If you find yourself spending free time in Ikea shopping for soft furnishings then your life really is over…

Got 2L in the top box, that’ll do for a start until we can get some premium and some rocket fuel…


How embarrassing. Our comiserations. :w00t: PS You do mean that you bought tickets (bad enough) - you do not intend to attend as well do you? :w00t:

A very sad day indeed :frowning:

We’ve lost another good one boys :pinch: