I think I may be unwell, new bike?

I’m contemplating to sell my zx9 once I put the front end back on and put the tiny amount it’s worth towards a new (or almost new) bike. Something I know will work and not be breaking down all the time!

I’m keeping the vfr so I don’t need a new sports tourer like the z1000sx (otherwise I would).
Need something fun for the weekends like, something nippy like a cbr6rr, 675 or a street triple. I don’t mind naked bikes.
I’ve seen the 2013 KTM duke 690 new for £6k http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321180838386 while seems like a great cheap fun choice but I’m not sure if I’d prefer an inline3 or 4 to scream.
Triumphs are an extra grand at least for 2nd hand, I could get a good cbr for the same price, but it’s still 2nd hand http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161234379087. would I be better getting more finance to get something better that’s new?

Bit lost as there’s so many options out there, I’m used to having a set budget and buying it outright!

You’re more than welcome to have a go on my 690 to see if you like the engine. Just make sure you stop near a high curb :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

I just bought a Street Triple so I would say go for the trumpet.
Triumph’s are more expensive second hand but that works for you when you come to sell it- less depreciation.

If you get a new CBR600RR you get 2 years warranty, (I think I also got breakdown and recovery too). Plus Honda have some very competitive finance, I got 0%.

I had no need for the warranty in that period though. The nice thing about a new bike is that you know it’s entire history. Honda also give you an owners card which is stamped with your name and the VIN number which is nice.

There are a lot of 600RRs around that have never been ridden though so there are some great deals 2nd hand. I think one Anita bought had 2" chicken strips on the tyres and was as new. Depends whether you want a warranty I suppose.

I’ve not ridden a wide range of bikes, I know the RR is a cracker though. Feels like a guided missile.

I’ve never been one for keeping up with the Jones’s, but with all your chat about sports 600s, I might just have to start :wink:

wanna buy a zx9 mark? :wink:

thanks for the generous offer gav but IIRC, not even a high kerb would be enough!

brand new RR with 0% is something I’ve looked at in the past. I’ve not ridden one but I know it feels very comfy to sit on.
But then that’s like an extra £4.3k on top of the KTM! and it’s 2.7% at the moment.

I’m looking to move up from the old sh1tter I currently have :hehe:



You know what you want, what you really really want Mian…DUCATI


that weighs 25kg more than my old vfr!

Duke 690 is a bit of a one trick pony IMHO, it’s almost the wrong type of engine for the bike. Definitely a giggle but the single punch of the engine matched with no high revs makes it an odd onroad option. Good first ‘big’ bike that I’d recommend for newbies but I think you’d find the limits of it fairly quickly.

thanks, I was afraid of that

R6, 0%, job done!


Just go and try the ones that you fancy, and buy the one you like the best. Remember, different engine configurations deliver their performance in their own unique way, i.e. don’t expect the top end rush from a V-twin, or the low down grunt from an IL4 (especially a 600cc). It’s all about pros and cons, and going with what you enjoy. :slight_smile:

+1, great for a newb or a commuter, but I don’t think you are either of those are you? great fun but for a limited period,

Martin hit it spot on on the 690 :slight_smile:

My favourite sport bike of all time is the 675 (just from looks, never ridden it). Please buy that so I can have a go on it some time :smiley:

+1 I loved mine! The R1 actually slowed me down, or was that old age :w00t:

trying to set myself a budget of £4k to make payments more affordable and I’ve found these examples. what do you guys think? which would you go for?
2004 Z1000, 12k miles.
2006 ZX10, 9k miles
2009 675, 8k miles
2006 zx6, 4k miles



that’s not a triumph :stuck_out_tongue: