I Resign..

yup…i have gone to the darkside…but one day when i can get that superduke…i will be back:D

massive thanks to flyby,wigglemethis…and mene.

all 3 let me have a go on there bikes, R46- Loved it!!!:D:D I took it for a ride…got just a lil way down the road and thought…i 'kin like this;)

i rode wiggles mental K8 gixxa 750, first in C mode…quick but not the fall power…so i had a go in A mode…OMG!!! bloody mental…very very fast!! but torquey too…not as comfy as the R6 tho.

also had a go on mene’s 06 CBR600RR…he even let me get me knee down on it:D felt very easy on the CBR6…wicked handling.

and…i got me knee down. both sides! on OE SV tyres…on the courtsey bike:w00t::cool:

oh a fun day!!

so…no more general Ratty46…i hereby leave the V-Twin massive :crying: :(…SO…ERRMM…IL4 massive then…whos joining:D:w00t:


so your finally going to get a real bike, one that runs on petrol:D

have you seen any good ones for sale yet?

So what did you end up getting, the R6?

havent bought any…have my eye on a few…03-05 R6…really want an 05 tho.:slight_smile:

Get a moto :smiley:

he not man enough m8;)

fack off:D

ride a K8 750 mate…mental!!


mad dog? ha ha, all i can say is, that bike of YOURS is something else !! :PRatty tatty? all i can say is…remember where Shewolf and Andrea started off? ha ha…ex R6rs :smiley:

Get a scooter;)

what no thou at all???

He wouldn’t need it if he bought a 750 gixxer!! :wink: :smiley:

cant say too much in the negative as the rat is sittin next to me, but, glad he is swaying towards the r6.

dont know about him leaving the v-twin massive tho, being general, and the fact that thumper was taken away from him, it wasnt a conscious decision to get shot of it.

Feck it, Rat, bugger off and get ya r6, start the IL4 masssive, long live the v-twin

You will miss thumper everytime you see my bike and you look at my new (your old) screen and my new (your old) can, and er… what else am I having, tyres, check, haha

RIP (Rest In Pieces) Thumper

tut tut tut for a minute there i thought you had some sence to come to the real dark side…

gsxr power!!! :hehe:

now go n chuck ya leg over some proper lunacy…'busa, 'bird, zx10, gixxerthou, blade and you will NEVER go back :smiley:

i see sherrie at ace earlier…she was very supportive of my ideas on getting an R6!!:smiley:

looks that way…

i want a sharp handling bike, i really fancy trying a sportsbike and seeing if i get on with it, i love KD and corners!! its the right tool for the job man!

It’s the way forward, I’m a devout Yamaha man but i’ve just bought a Honda :w00t:;):P:D:)

you aint the full shilling tho victor :smiley:

I got one of each now :slight_smile:

Yey, welcome to the dark side :wink: