i miss my old workplace

i’m sure some of you heard me say this before, but it’s now been 6 months since i’m in a new job and i’m bored, in fact i can’t stand it.i wake up and keep on thinking how it used to be in my previous company, how much drama, threats and laughter i’ve had, as much as my previous job used to upset me, i need it back in my life.

i usually get over things quickly, one month is a tops, but it’s been 6 months now and i long to go back somewhere where things will never be the same anymore.

ok, this is not what i should be writing at work but basically i’m underpaid bored employee i can’t stand papers, i want a random job. so if you know of any random exciting jobs let me know. if anyone wants me to spy on anyone - then i’m your woman, i don’t know how to spy professionally but i’ll give it a go. and all i’m charging for my spying is few bottles of fine beer :smiley: btw i’m serious about this.

oh i don’t know where i’m going with this…

If youre not in a career, why not go travel for 12 months working on the move? Thousands of people do it every year and you learn alot about life and what you want for when you come back.

Hi Anna, MI5 will be recruiting for Mobile Surveillance Officers soon, could be worth a punt!:slight_smile: Have a look on their website and see if you meet their criteria.

Yes and MI5 want Russian speakers as well, so you’d be great!

There is also http://www.charityjob.co.uk/ which has UK and also overseas based posts.

What’s your dream job? Then think about the skills you do have and make them work to get it :smiley:

I had some terrible jobs in my time before I fell into this line of work - which has had it’s moments of sheer fear and it’s moments of total and utter frustration, but I like it well enough.

So persevere - at least you know you want to get out and do something more enjoyable which is the main motivator:)

Serious post from Jewell?! :w00t: are you feeling ok? :laugh: thank you for this advice, but i’ve got no savings anymore and if i go i will leave behind few dear people to me…

plus i don’t know how to do that…i’d like to do that though, don’t think it never crossed my mind, the one thing that is always holding me back is work/money, is it easy to do odd jobs here and there as i move and survive? have you ever done that?

hhmmm…i’ve tried filling out their online questionairre but at one point they ask a question whether i was born here and i say -no, then they ask were your parents born here - i say no again…that’s when they tell me i’m not allowed, but f*ck it i might contact them anyway just for a laugh, what’s the worst that can happen?!

I think you have to have british nationality to work for MI5…

Try the fsb, they are probably looking for some new spies after recent events :smiley:

Ive always wanted to start my own business as a private detective…you know the sort of thing…follow people about…taking pictures/video of the wife/husband cheating that sort of thing…monies good but i just need to get my arse in gear…all you need is a phone…a desk…and a camera…;).

hmm…mabee something to do on the weekends…


i’m british citizen, does that count :smiley: jokes aside they still want one of my parents to be born here, which they’re not. so i’m stuffed with regards to that but, i’m sure if they find out that i’ve never been to Russia for 11 years now, they’ll re-think as to how committed i am to being British :smiley:

I thought you did that kind of thing anyway :smiley: Or are all the dodgy videos obtained second hand from the Jetstreams?

honestly Hels if i list the sort of jobs i want to go for, you’d think i’ve got my head in the clouds, but to hell with it here it goes in no particular order: i want to be a* truck driver* burlesque dacer* play guitar in the band* spy

Smiled, that’s exactly what i was going to post next.

if anyone on this forum wants me to spy on their loved ones - no probs, i’ll spy on them at weekends or evening time whenever i’m free. all i want is booze in return :smiley:

hey man, when you get your arse off the sofa let me know cause i’ll definitely be up for that!

What happened to the Midwife course then Shane ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well playing guitar in band / burlesque dancer -


Easey peasey :smiley:

Truck driver - if you have a bike license all you need now is a heavy goods license and trucking’s yer oyster. I reckon Stunt Martin can give a few tips.

Spy - if the MI5 don’t want you, you could join the KGB, or just discover some top secret cell, gather the highly confidential information and negotiate your terms to the highest Secret Service bidder (like a John Le Carre novel :D). I am sure the Jetstreams can loan you this kind of equipment.

(I have gone off spies though after a rather nasty experience with the NDS )

Anything is possible in life :slight_smile:

If only it were that simple! :wink:

Seriously, it takes a fair bit of training and a lot of money to buy the equipment. As well as being trained to be able to follow people without them realising (which is a lot harder than you’d think!) there is also the training and equipment required to take the photo/video evidence whilst on the move, also without being seen or noticed! :wink:

The long and short of it is that is attainable, but you need to complete a fair bit of training, and have a good amount of money to invest in equipment, before you can even start to advertise for work. Follow that up with the fact that the surveillance circuit in London is very competetive, and that the majority of people doing it are ex-sneeks etc… It’s a pretty hard nut to crack… :satisfied:

I wish you good luck, and I’m sure that if you put your heart and soul into it you’ll do well! :slight_smile:

Bollox… Ive got the Columbo Box set…i’m ready to roll …

Anna…let pick a random off the street and follow em for an evening…if we’re good and they don’t notice…then we’ve got some skills…;)…
it will be bike related of course…we’ll pick a random…follow them until we get hungry… :)…

just for fun;)…

I’ll wager that you can’t follow me from one side of London to the other without me spotting you! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

your on…my terms tho…and £50. is the wager…if i take sufficient photos without you knowing on any one day at any one time…;)…i will compile a full report using word 2010 including images…
what do you say:D.

I`m in, what weekend do you have in mind?