i miss my old workplace

No worries. We’ll name a date, and you can follow me on foot. You have to follow me for the entire journey from point “A” to point “B” without being noticed (I name the start and finish point, not the route!). You have to get pictures at every relevant point during the journey (that’s every time I stop in a place of interest or speak to anybody) and the pictures need to have my face and attire, and any individuals I may meet during my journey, in full colour and in focus!
If at any time I notice you or get a picture of you, you’ve lost the bet! It seems harsh, but in reality you’d have a very p!ssed off (possibly violent) target on your hands! :satisfied:

Finally, the wager is a coffee at the Ace and some very good hints and tips for Surveillance and Counter Surveillance! (I don’t bet with money! :wink: )

What do you think? Still up for the challenge? :smiley:

Surely if you were being followed, you wouldn’t know the when and where?

bit fcking pointless no?..the idea is for me to watch you without knowing…!!!:laugh:

if i get you with full color images…on a day you don’t know…then we have a bet my friend…
i must warn you tho…i will be in disguise…


You two wouldn’t be much good at this though, as stated on another thread I already saw you in dark glasses, carrying a telescopic lense, across my street;)

Hels has got the right idea.

Join the SVR, then tell MI5 about all the Russian spies currently active in the UK.

They will love you for that, and will definitely give you a job :laugh:

The only downside is you then have to be very careful who you drink tea with :w00t:

Indeed - but who wants to end up like Guy Burgess under house arrest in the Soviet Union and taken before his prime :frowning:

Sounds more fun following random people on a motorbike waving a mobile phone camera:D


Yes. I left the police force, stopped renting the house, sold motorbike and left the uk with about 3k savings. But I was only 21 and thought bollocks to it, signed up to a local bike forum as my mate lived in Oz, used his house as a base for 2 weeks then off doing my own thing. Got a job piece of piss and basically lived the dream of doing what I wanted, when I wanted. It was awesome and I’d advise anyone your age who is unsure in life as to what they want to do, to go and travel anywhere. When I came back I was positive what I wanted to do and it seems to be working out ok.

Even though it was ruined by a death in the family, it was still the best time I’ve had hands down.

I understand what you’re saying, but it’s based on a structure that I was taught on. You’ll get a briefing note, saying where and when my start point is, followed by where the intel says my destination will be. Between those two points you need to keep tabs on me, whilst keeping yourself unseen. The idea is that, if you can do this when somebody thinks they are being followed (which is always a distinct possibility) you can do it when they don’t know they are being followed! ;)What then happens is I can give you a debrief on how it went and let you know the top tips of how not to lose somebody and how not to stand out in a crowd! I’ll even give you a few tips before the day, just to make it a bit fair on you.And lastly, if you’re wanting to blend into a crowd, just be yourself and don’t wear stupid disquises! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah but that’s because Burgess was a Russian agent. Anna would be back in the UK by the time they realised anything was up, and we treat our agents MUCH better (dodgy tea notwithstanding of course, but it was a Russian who did that).

:w00t: sorry peeps, was busy doing other things, will get cracking on with my replies in a sec :slight_smile:

hehe, i know what you’re on about. when i used to work for my old company :crying: we had three ex-private investigators join our bailiff company as they weren’t doing so well anymore and they told me pretty much what you’re saying to me in these posts about covert surveillance also gave me a book to read :slight_smile: they were nice chaps.what i’ve also found out that it’s good to be ex military to be a spy…which i’m not…but i’ll put that aside.i’m def. game tell me where and when i’ll spy on you. can’t do on my big bike as it looks too good…too out there, you’ll notice me from a mile :smiley: will gladly do it on foot, i’ll dress up so average so chav like so bland and boring you wouldn’t know it was me :slight_smile: honestly i’m serious, pm me if you come up with anything interesting, i want a little challange. one thing though i’m not buying expensive camera to take pics of you, i’ll just use my phone.

god i love spying, i remember when i was about 9 years old back in Russia i was going home from school by myself and i saw this guy walking in front of me going from school too but way older than me and i spied on him all the way to the front of his house :smiley: that’s where my spying pretty much ended, and then because i wasn’t subtle about my spying; he was once in a car and when he saw me walking down the road slowed down for a bit to observe me that’s when i thought, damn next time need to be more subtle about it. and it’s true, i might sound like a psycho right now, but when you spy on someone without them knowing it and find out who they are where they live their life and they know nothing about you, you end up feeling empowered.

Am in bed now replying on the phone so it will probably post twice as always :slight_smile: Not sure that we treat our spies that well… But certainly the worst secret service has to be the NDS. Had some experience of them in Afghanistan and they are no holds barred bastards - human rights abusers the works…

However if you’re going to join MI5 best get some practise in and start with roadrunner (and an Aston Martin and a martini, shaken not stirred) it will be Bond and Moneypenny all over again :slight_smile:

Blimey I used to wonder why Russians were so heavily into spying, now I know why - its in their genes :w00t:

Please just remember whose side you’re on, Anna :wink:

eh, i don’t mind helping out both countries with whatever they want me to find out, but i can’t tell one about the other, i’m not patriotic but i think it be wrong for me to take sides, plus all this work is too involved and high profile, i’d rather lay low and spy on Roadrunner :stuck_out_tongue:

Roadrunner, watch yer back, were on yer case and we dont need yer help.

sorry mate, you can’t take it out of me, i might not act or think like a Russian but i have a soft spot for it :slight_smile: i do want to go back there one day and see how everything’s changed over the years :frowning: i hope place where i grew up didn’t change

:wink: i’ll drink Martini upon my triumph with Roadrunner…or should i say your triumph :wink: :smiley:

Blimey! Anna and Jetstream following me around the city… I don’t know whether to be worried or flattered! :stuck_out_tongue:

:w00t: the more i read your posts the more you sound like my friend, i didn’t want to say it before but that post where you called me " a whore" as a joke is what my friend would jokingly say about me too. he’s also constantly talking about f*cking off somewhere which i admire. ok, well i’ll see if he’s going to do it first, though i’d rather for him to stay he and start a band with me, that’s what i’m worried about though he’s a loose cannon.