i like the ace cafe

i thought i would ask you guys the question about this… i paid nearly £8 for a lamb dinner and i got deep fried roast potatoes which still had ice in the middle :crazy:

now dont get me wrong. i really like it there, the place and the people. but all too many times i feel let down by the food and portion sizes. i have heard from a few people too that they will ride to mc donalds or burger king to eat and then back to the ace for a chat… so what do you lot think??

From my experiences the food in the Ace isn’t too bad, but saying that I have never had anything “exciting”-just things like burgers. From what I have had, it seems just like a normal greasy spoon type cafe but with the exception of good conversation and a great atmosphere! As for the portion sizes they seem to vary, but I can say i’ve never been disappointed by them - always manages to fill me up :smiley: They do a very good hot chocolate so I hear…

A while back i found the food getting worse and stopped eating there.

Their breakfasts are great. Haven’t tried anything else.

If you want to put it in perspective try the Oakdene for a change.
You’ll think the Ace is Michelin starred by comparison as far as food goes :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

last 2 times i been there and had the big breakfast, the sausages haven’t been cooked all the way through :frowning:

Their food is disgusting, often out of date and bread with big green mould on it… just ask Tug!

The price they expect you to pay for a roast and what you get is a right **** take, some things are ok’ish but even the easiest of meals are often a right f*ckup.

Now you’ve got me on a roll I’ll mention the hot chocolate… a spoonful of chocolate slung in a mug with hot water poured on top, the lazy gits dont even stir it when pouring the water in so it ends up like a mug of floating mud. I always ask them to make it with milk, this causes another problem, they hate doing it! IF they do make it with milk you are charged another £1 so from £1.25 to £2.25 for a mug of not very good, hot chocolate.

Well, since Mark started employing Poles to do the catering it’s predictably gone right down the pan :rolleyes:

The foods disgusting and the coffee aint much better:Whistling:
Hmmmm that’ll be why i hardly ever go there then…:smiley:

I had a bowl of cardboard

I dont go there often. The coffee is sh!t and its full of them blinkin bikers!:smiley:

have you lot not noticed that the toilets are above the kitchen. i can imagin they just put the burger bun under the soil pipe:sick:

The food is not very good - the breakfasts are a ‘safe’ bet but even these aren’t great.

Cheesy chips are not bad.

Ang you are so right about the hot chocolate

I second that! - I’m not a huge fan or the food or coffee :sick:

Actually come to think of it … which of the so called ‘biker’ cafes serve good coffee or food?
Why can’t we find a decent biker cafe??? - Mind you it is the same back in OZ, where most of the ‘biker’ cafes are rubbish? Are we really second class citizens? :wink:

Unfortunately you are mostly correct,too many cafes in britain have no concept of quality ’ british ’ food but they choose to put pork chops/shephears pie/roast dinners etc on the menu.
then they employ people who have no experience of even eating this type of food let alone cooking it .
Rockerchics pub ditched there traditional style pub grub in favour of a sub contracted thai restaurant then were surprised when the sunday lunches they still wanted to retain were terrible ( thai chef basting the roast meets in soy sauce )

Because tv is full of so called self taught chefs and because of our countries general lack of respect for the skills that are still needed at the lower end of the market we seem to believe that anyone can cook .

The days of deep fried roast potatoes and thinking that there is any logical reasoning for sitting a wilting clump of lettuce/tomato/cucumber on the side of your meal as a ’ garnish ’ should be long gone .

But as said previously the ace is not alone in there complacent attitude , i often wonder however if the people who are responsible are aware of the fact that they are loosing a good preportion of prospective business as a direct result of food quality and whether some constructive feedback would be appreciated ?..anyone for an LB quality biker grub commitee ? :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the food at the Ace, it’s just a shame about the prices! I usually go for the chillie chips and cheese option, or sometimes the breakfast, and have never had reason to complain. If given the choice, I’d rather go somewhere else for food, and pop back afterwards. The trips to the lebanese place with Terry and Tugs being a favourite of mine! :wink:

I say we make Terry and Tugs our food organisers for a friday night meal, say every other week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chilli cheesy chips is a safe bet, and so is a breakfast. But other than that never been brave enough to try anything else.

Shame we lost Poppins, as they did a mean chilli cheese burger.

+1 on the Chilli, Chips and Cheese - lots of food, not much to go wrong (doubt there’s much meat in the chilli) and it’s the cheapest option.

I’m always surprised by the fact that I am gullible enough to pay £1+ for a spoon of nameless instant coffee, hot water on top with complimentary milk.

The Ace Sausage Burger is okay.

Never had badly cooked/ uncooked food there, and they’d certainly know about it if I had (me being so belligerent n’all).

The atmosphere is great most of the time, it’s clean but IMO, the decor is quite stylised and doesn’t seem to acknowledge the current set of bikers who visit it (seems to be more about Mods & Rockers etc).

The ace sausages are above average, but the rest is pretty poor and very expensive compared with much better cafes that cook breakfasts to order and don’t just dish out pre-prepared stuff.

way too expensive - they had a big price hike on the food earlier this year. i don’t like to get any type of sandwich on a monday morning as the bread is usually stale. the folk who work there are ok, but it’s a rip off!

I’ve sat there with other LB members who have had to send food back, esp the chilli, chips & cheese because they were stone cold, Terry and Westie for starters. Veg has been served with my meals cold too.

How old does bread have to be to have big lumps of green on it? Tug and Ben were eating their breakfasts the other week when Tug noticed the bread covered in green mould, not good at all!