I can't get away from no to bike parking fee's people!!!!

hello Ang:P

so josef - you spamming here as well

gave up on t595 then - and no i still don’t want to see boris’s statement:laugh:

London must be absolutely unique in charging bikes for parking, I doubt there is any similar example worldwide to Westminster’s money grabbing antics.
You can imagine what the result would be if they tried to inflict this on Parisian bikers!
Seems us British are only to happy to roll over to the authorities, what else formerly free facility would we be happy to pay for!?
It’s hardly a good advert for the city.

and according to you on torytax.com

So from here on in I really don’t give a sh1t on what you have to say, have fun on your little demo and I hope it falls flat on it’s face

Still quiet on the LB front… any takers to the invitation yet? No? Nada?

Are you surprised when you call them C.O.C.K.S go find somewhere else to bother

Why don’t you crawl back under which ever rock you came from and leave us in peace? Very few people care what you have to say, I’d have thought you’d have gathered that by now

Who called who c.o.c.ks? I haven’t called anyone c.o.c.ks? Where?

Anyway, I didn’t come from under a rock, and no I won’t go away, I have done exactly what the admins have asked, kept my messages within the topics related to this campaign, in no way have I spammed LB, I am sure the admins will back me up on that, and another reason why they created the Current Affairs board for topics such as thee!

I am a London Biker, I ride a bike and live in London, simple for me. So don’t tell me to leave. I am not bothering you, you make the decisions to read the select topics, I don’t come in to other topics and sabotage them or send PM’s to anyone. I have followed forum etiquette to a T, unlike some of you longer term members on here.

I think London Bikers is a great website and well run too!

being a ex member of torytax.com and having posted part of the thread here do you want me to go on?

torytax.com is that the other forum that sprung up after Westminster shut down the other one? Anyway I don’t know what you are talking about. Any takers?

Don’t take the ****, you even have the same fecking avatar.

If you want to be a two face **** fine, but don’t come on here and preach anymore cause we ain’t fecking listening

Can’t even stand up for your fellow bikers without getting ridiculed what kind of forum is this, and not once have I been rude anyone, like I said I have followed forum etiquette quite religiously, do I sabotage other topics? NO!

Oh and I won’t be leaving.

BM, What are you talking about? No one is two face, you met me, was I two face? I think I was pretty polite as I have always been. I seen many people with the NOTO logo as their avatar by the way. Isn’t there a message on here from the admins saying that I am a top bloke, I think I reciprocated too, as those admins were also top blokes, like you are BM when I met you, top bloke!

point already covered

If any of you feel like, the campaign has a proposal for you to vent:

Come down on the 31st March and speak at the demonstration, tell all your country cousins that have travelled in from afar to support London Bikers and to take part in the demonstration, what you think of Westminster Councils experimental bike parking charge, right in the centre of Trafalgar square, this is a genuine invitation to any London Biker member that would like too, just contact the campaign (it is easy go to the website and click “contact”).

We would be more than happy for you to come up on stage and give a speech to the crowd. Any takers?

Definition: London Biker ~ Someone that rides a powered 2 wheeler in London in it’s simplest form.

Is 7wheel exempt? Or those funky little 3 wheeled vespa scoots?

I have been on mosyt of them but now you have started takeing the **** out of my friends and this forum I really don’t give a toss anymore and I strongly advise any other LBr’s who have attended in the past to ignor these jokers.

Semantically speaking… London Biker would include Trikes and those 2 Wheeled Piaggio incarnations too!

Are Trikes alowed in Bus lanes under the TFL trial?

Bugger off you lot, this is my post!!! If you wanna drum up support for your protest then go make yet another of your own posts or use a previous one and no, I don’t want to waste what little time off work I have to come to a demo :wink:

Fair do’s Tiggi, I think at all times I have kept my posts well within the NOTO topics. :slight_smile: anyway thanks for the reply! By the way I am running the Marathon this year! Not looking forward to that one! Good luck with your cause by the way!

I think it’s fair to say there’s a fair deal of apathy on this forum, something which is absent on other bike forums.
You won’t find the same sort of cynicism on Visordown for instance, people are only too willing to express their anger at this blatant anti-bike rip off.
Personally I find the resentment of this topic staggering, I’d have thought it would seem one of the most pressing issues for anyone who rides in London…
Either way it seems the campaign isn’t going away, I’m just glad to see an example of people not afraid to be sticking up to Westminster’s draconian policies myself.

No apathy here mate. Just a fair bit of resentment to many supporters of NOTO.
Well thats probably due to the way that supporters of the noto campaign have been conducting themselves online, on demo’s and on other websites.

Having been on many website forums I can honestly say that this is the friendliest I have ever seen. The reaction that a few people have got recently may have something to do with their own conduct.