I can't get away from no to bike parking fee's people!!!!

So I open my local paper and this is what I see!!! Come on, own up, which one of you is it?? :laugh:


P.S I still wanna know which one of you is called Phillipe, you still owe me a tea for stealing my dinner at the ace :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that an item on bike parking or a self plug for a plug for a reformed boy band I wonder?:DYou’ll be able to spot him Tiggs, he’s the one with frilly leathers;):smiley:

And not forgetting the unique trumpet sound;)

Hey I remember him :blink:

I had a few words with your mate Phillip on Wednesday night, told him to F&ck off away from me and stop his boring preaching, ffs he butted in on our convo which I wasn’t happy with. Poor Terry was embarrassed, he saw another side of me that don’t take much sh1t from people/things I don’t like!

The next cnt who blabs uninvited will get a kick in the nuts cos I ain’t interested and am not willing to let them harrass me.


I’d given up on the article before I reached that quote. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Brightened my day a bit.

From Wiki:

‘Morrissey once said of the band “There are indeed worse groups than Modern Romance. But can anyone seriously think of one?”’

Me too, lol

Seriously!! You can’t have been old enough!!! I don’t even remember them!! or are you really 33 :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, brilliant Ang, wish I was there, I would have joined in :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I can say hand on heart I was not at all involved in this one Tiggi, even I get fliers on my bike, hehe!

:blink: this face was my sarcastic face :D;)

That’s a quality quote, excellent stuff… :smiley:

Sadly I do remember them, and if that guy is still telling people he used to be in Modern Romance then I guess he’s life has amounted to jackshit!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooops, sarcasm was lost there :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you recognise him though?

Oh and thanks for sponsoring me :stuck_out_tongue:

wish i was there Ang, will video it next time lol, not read any of the shite to be honest but can guess what it is about

If any of you feel like, the campaign has a proposal for you to vent:

Come down on the 31st March and speak at the demonstration, tell all your country cousins that have travelled in from afar to support London Bikers and to take part in the demonstration, what you think of Westminster Councils experimental bike parking charge, right in the centre of Trafalgar square, this is a genuine invitation to any London Biker member that would like too, just contact the campaign (it is easy go to the website and click “contact”).

We would be more than happy for you to come up on stage and give a speech to the crowd. Any takers?

Definition: London Biker ~ Someone that rides a powered 2 wheeler in London in it’s simplest form.

Hopefully by this time next week …:wink:

(Fill in the gap with your choice)

hahaah i was witness to this! dont think he liked what ang had to say to him :stuck_out_tongue:

No takers?