I almost got a women ! Close miss :D

Been away for some time. Had been meeting girl and it comes up it won’t work with us :slight_smile: Was really happy and excited when first met her but think I was too long single and got too much into biking so will stay with that :slight_smile: We weren’t officialy together or something like that so no big break-up etc, we will stay friends :stuck_out_tongue: But now can only do my riding stuff:cool:

So boys in blue be aware! Arnie’s back on the road with 110% percent of his attitiude :smiley:

Is BMM still on ? Can’t wait for Route xxx on friday! And BCR on Sun !! Shiet women are bad ! Feck them! Bikes are my destiny :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry Arnie, there are some good ones out there, some of them are even more fun than bikes but there’s not many :crying:

Take it easy on the 406, lots of idiots drinking coffee and talking on the 'phone, will have you off in a blink of an eye :w00t:


Sorry to hear that hunny, glad you’re not heartbroken.
Can I have my jacket back now, or do you want to keep hold of it for Lady number two? :wink:

It will be good to see you out and about on the bike again :kiss:

no worries m8! they know I’m communiting down a406, had to leave few broken mirrors today :stuck_out_tongue:
and starting to wear full 1pc leather racing suit to get better feel of the road when going to work :slight_smile:

yep will have the jacket back for you soon, getting foot pegs off my bike, have to sort out my bro with some bike as pillon riding sucks :smiley:

+1 (although some have their uses)

I’m sure the bike handles a lot better without the ballast anyway. :smiley:

If it’s the one with the spikey heels, she was niiiice! Pity it wasn’t to be.

I hadn’t noticed you were gone mate! :laugh: :wink:

i knew you would be back…sowed ya termintator oats have boy!..lol:D

women…when you have a bike…who needs 'em!:w00t: bikes dont anwser back…dont moan when you wanna go out.on ya own…dont throw things at ya…etc etc:w00t::wink:

The simple solution is get a woman that likes bikes as much as you do.

Job done. :cool:

even better. get a women with a bike :slight_smile:

S’what I meant, but yeah :slight_smile:

but then when you spend time together on the bikes, you and her riding, does it actually counts as spending time with her(women) or with the bike ? :slight_smile:

tried that one;)…dont always work! thing called personality can change thngs!!:D:w00t::w00t:

tried that one;)…dont always work! thing called personality can change thngs!!:D:w00t::w00t:

In answer to the question is YES! :slight_smile: It’s mighty fine being able to go somewhere on your own bikes AND you get to be together with a common interest.

ok but I can do this with any woman and it doesn’t count her mine :slight_smile: and in my case I haven’t got anymore time for anything else after riding :stuck_out_tongue:

i keep thinkning woman were not made for me :smiley:

Thats a sad thing to say - it happens to the best of us.

I can beat you few ladys to my endless amount of asshole men - for sure! I couldn’t say that all men are… but i would like to name ones that are!

Suppose realtionships are a bit like coming off your bike, the harder you fall , the worse it is to get back on it.

Just wait, and you find find someone. Hope is the only thing left that is left when it all goes bad.

I don’t say woman are bad :slight_smile: As long they stay my friends only it’s good :slight_smile:

Beat me to it mate - my sentiments exactly.:slight_smile:

You play for the other team mate?