any body know anything about these bikes? bit of knowledge would be great? friend has just bought one its a 4-stroke gt125r.

Hmm, from what I’ve heard about the Hyosung 650s, I wouldn’t go anywhere near any of their bikes!

Maybe don’t tell your mate that tho if he’s already bought one…

Chinese bikes are utter rubbish full stop. All of them … you will not believe how many things can break on them in just one week, tell your friend you have moved to Mongolia, throw your mobile down a deep well, draw the curtains…etc. etc.

From a distant the gt125r looks ok - just gets cheaper and nastier, the closer you get - there’s a new member on here with one - check newbie posts - it’s her avatar - bright orange thing

never buy this bike make …I had personal experience…they are only got as scrap metal//

Ditto all the above. Some of these bikes should not even be on the road.

A couple of Chinese made scooters came into the workshop recently. These were only weeks old and would have failed an MOT on several different things, one of which being literally no brakes.

What seems to be wrong is that these can be imported and sold without any warranty or come back to the seller, they’re likely to break down and you’ll be lucky if you can source the parts. Worst of all someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed on or by one.

Yeahbut Hyosung aren’t Chinese…

They’re Korean

they gave a awful review of their comet in bike mag, described it as utter crap, now thats harsh!

ooops dont tell ‘in4the thrill’ shes got one!!!


too late i’ve read it all!

So far i’ve not had any trouble with the bike but only had it a few months… it seems to like me!

it’s heavier than most 125’s which is good when u get cross winds but bad when u’re not used to moving bikes when their stationary

i did read around - but seemed to have missed all the bad stuff and just got some above average comments.

plus i’ve had new forks put it to make it lower so i can get on it

I realise i have nothing to compare it too… except a friends Aprillia rs 125 (which i found really hard) but i like it alot…

if i ever make it into london u can all have a gaze…

hi i’m jim and i’ve just joined today! i’m ridding a hyosung gt125r and i carn’t fault it. i think your a bit harsh on the hyosung, it’s a nice ride and easy on the petrol too

Welcome Jim!

Think the posts above were a bit harsh, lumping the hyosungs in with the really cheap chinese ebay crap that is made with string and chewing gum. I kinda like the Hyosungs, the 125 is a big bike and that can install some good confidence in new riders, and htey have a blue flame exhaust as standard!!!

post up in the newbies section and see if you can pop along to one of the weekly meets!

I agree with Ian, in4thethrills orange machine looks way better than other 125’s, in fact it looks about the same size as my 600 and sounds quite strong too being a V twin :stuck_out_tongue: The British bike industry laughed at Honda years ago when they turned up at the TT . . . :w00t:

Like Garlic Bread, Chinese and Korean bikes are the future.

Give it 10 years and they will be on the podium of a GP… mark my words;)

I reckon you’re probably right!

In the words of PETER KAYS DAD…GARLIC BREAD…GARLIC…BREAD??? on seeing the orange thingy @ borough last week i think it looks decent for a first bike, hopefully the thing will be more reliable than me old aprilia rs125 i had. i had good fun blowing it up:P:D:w00t:

finally some hyosung praise! :smiley:

YAY! the orange thingy (or lady marmalade as i call her) is here to stay - well at least still march / april if i get my test sorted.

neways catch some of u tomorrow night


i think i’ll come along tomorrow with mine if thats ok with you lot?

The more the merrier mate:)

Look forward to seeing you