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sorry for reviving old topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to ask what is your opinion on Hyosung motorbikes, it has been almost 4 years since the last post here and some of you might have had more experience with it.

I was reading that some people discourage you to buy it because its chinese junk although its a south korean company thats been out there for years.

Recently decided to get into motorbikes and I got Honda CBR 125 and Hyosung GT125r on my mind but some post and reviews I heard make it sound like if I am gonna be doing 60mph on Hyosung my wheel might come off or something :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you guys wonna let me know if it is a good reliable brand in the UK then that would be very helpful




You will NOT be dissappointed. they are doing some fantactic deals on bike/full training/bike gear for very littel money with promise to buy the bike back off you at a good rate when you upgrade cc.

Try Kent Motorcycles…

Are you buying new? Also what you using the bike for? Are you planning to get a bigger licence soon?

Honda are good and if someone offered me to pick between the bikes I’d take honda any day, just generally a much better repuation and well made bike. CBR’s got loads of parts on the market too so there’s more you can do with if and possibly cheaper to get fixed in 3rd party parts.

All 125’s are pretty cruddy though, no offence meant to their owners but they’re generally over priced for engines which are due to die a death around 20,000.



I had a Hyosung 125 trail bike back in t’day-cracking bike for the money and it’s still going strong at my parents’ house.

No real quality issues, but you can definitely tell it’s not a Honda and the residuals will tell the same story.

I’d go Honda, no problem selling them on.

Hi guys!

Yeah I considered getting Hyosung 125 thanks to its look but also considered Honda CBR 125…

I recently decided to get a motorbike for travel between college and home. I been using public transport to get from south east london to central london (greenwich) however it became very long 1 hour journey and I though getting a bike would be a faster and cheaper investment.

I am 20 years old and will have to travel 20miles max a day 5 times a week.

Currently working to save up for the motorbike.

I am looking to get 125cc as my first bike since it would be quite cheap to maintain considering petrol and insurance.

I am planning to get HONDA CBR 125 because its quite popular 125, plenty of parts if anythign falls off and quite cheap to get. I know there is CG and YBR but I prefer a sportier bike look. A lot say its a narrow bike and skinny which puts people off but I see that as an advantage especially in an urban environment as London to drive through traffic.

I dont care much about speed, did consider to get a bigger cc bike but I might make a mistake of going too fast and having an incident so sticking with 125cc and using it smart is teh right thing to do.

Possibly later after 2 years I could change to a bigger bike once I feel confident but for now HONDA CBR 125.

Lastly I want to ask whether I am on the right track as a beginner by traveling 20 miles a day on cbr 125 would be possible and faster than 1 hour journey by train. I think it probably will and should give it a more fun factor.



when I switched to motorcycles, it wasn’t the speed of the train, it was its reliability that affected my choice

I’m the same. I used to take a bus to uni in another town. It was crap getting from one suburb to the edge of town in another direction and the bus was unreliable.

The moped, and then motorbike, gave me the option of reliability, and time-cutting.

A 1h-1h30 door-to-door journey using the bus was narrowed down to 45 mins, and eventually 25 if I really pushed the speeds. I would no longer miss the buses and the motorbike would always be there for me if I overslept for class. It was also there to take me home if I visited friends late at night - for a town that only had nightbuses on Friday and Saturday nights, and only 2 limited routes, this was a godsend.

milo1 20 miles on a Hondo 125 is a bit of a chore, but then so is most commuting. Depending on the roads you have to travel, shouldn’t be too much of a trauma except on windy days.

If “nathanthepostman” can travel from Australia to England on an ex Australian Postal Service 125 your commute should be o.k.

One of my slightly mad friends toured France one summer on a 125 with full camping gear and loved it. (It was the only bike he could get sensible insurance on after a one year ban for 4 speeding nicks in 9 months on his Ducati.)

See, bored at work, found this and now I’m wondering if you’re still on the 125, or if you ever made it to London…it’s like a mystery wrapped in an enigma concealed by a conundrum.


only just seen this thread.

Had loads of people turn up on these bikes for CBT and in my opinion they are made from chocolate.

Many have been delivered new and after doing a bike check before training many would not even have past an mot never mind a cbt. utter rubbish.