HV14 Panigale rider on the M4 tonight. You where flying and LUCKY!!!!

I flashed you as i saw you coming up behind me fast, dunno how but you must have missed to police car sitting in the slow lane about 8 cars behind me. You dropped your head to see why i was flashing, ignored me much to my heat thumping frustration and undertook about 3 cars at well over a tonne. 2 mins later the police started to chase you coming past me VERY fast.

Lucky for you the idiots you over took didn’t move for about 2 mins even with the blues and 2’s on and all i could see was you pissing off while undertaking one car after another. Honestly you where flying and this was your saving grace, that and the 2 drivers who took ages to move over. They tried to catch you for about 5 miles but you seemed to be long gone. I saw them turn the lights off and merge back into incognito mode in the middle lane.

I wonder if you even noticed they chased you!


Someone had a fun day then :slight_smile:

Haha lucky indeed, that would have been very fun to watch :smiley:

Jeez lucky son of a bitch haha!

Sloppy :wink:

You wouldn’t have given up that easy would you??

They would have gotten his plates on the dashcam though, no? Or would they still need to prove who was the rider at that moment to prosecute?

Shouldn’t need to prove… any ticket would go to registered keeper who would then have to identify who it was…

Lets just hope he got away :smiley:


good lad…if your taking the piss like that, stopping is sometimes a bad idea…

so long as your plate is small enough, and the helicopter aint up…

I would personally give myself up to the nearest police station & wait in the cells for a good beating then thank them after

Maybe it was " Ride it like you stole it "

Hopefully not “ride it because you stole it”.

Bad panigale rider

I’d behave for the next week. If I were them, and vindictive, I’d have all sorts out and about on that road at around the same time for the next week, trying to find even the slightest thing out of place on his bike.

Well it wasn’t me thats for sure!! Thinking about it I don’t even know my reg no. LOL…

On another note i got issued a section 59 with no supporting evidence for speeding, other then ‘pissing’ of the Cambridge traffic cops, as i was doing over 130mph… They reported me as a member of the public, causing them distress with my riding style…

Hence why I ride so slow these days…Just remember anyone can report you and have a section 59 imposed, lasts 12 months and they will confiscate the bike you are on and crush it or auction it if it’s worth over £ 2,500…

Just a little wheelie or accidental wheel spin in a car can award you with 12 months of no fun under a section 59!!!

you normally have to have a Section 59 warning first before one is actually placed…

and that’s if they can be arsed to file the paperwork…Like what happened with me:D

Funny thing was we had a Bentley for 48 hrs, 10 months into the 59… I joined the M1 flooring it, looked in my mirror saw a single light in the outside lane… Checked speedo 120 mph…

Moved over slamend on the brakes… Was a marked up bike😝

They would of taken the car leaving me with a 140k car to pay for the car and a ban no doubt!! Luckyfecker.com

I say the Panigale rider was having fun and enjoying the power and quick response his bike provided him with the greatest of ease. When your having honest fun on a bike, why not?. fun is never ever legal on a bike. But there is a difference between a fast t…t on an bike and a fast good rider on a bike.
Long live rider freedom:D

I used to speed on the motorway until I got side swiped on my old R1.

Now I don’t go over a 100mph on the roads because if I lose my licence, bye bye everything!

I’ve had my fun with 5 bans under my name for speeding but it all gets a little boring as you get older.

Dare i say it without getting cut down but i will, i love my cruise control :w00t: Motorways are so much more relaxed listening to my tunes sat at 85 :wink: