Huge Clearout!!

Hi all… back in town!
Getting rid of loads of bike gear as I have sold the last bike this week :frowning:

Got a load of stuff for sale… please pm me if interested and i will try to get some photo’s up asap.

  • HG Tricky 3 Gore Tex Jacket and Trousers… Worn about 20times. Size 58 jacket & 48 trousers. Was £500 new and really is in as-new condition… So sensible offers please.

  • Arai dark visor (pinlock ready): £20

  • RST Voltage Leathers - Red, black and white 1piece race suit with sliders… to fit 44-46" chest. In great condition: £60

  • IXS Black and Grey leather 2pc suit: To fit 44-46" chest, trousers for 34-36" waist… £70.

Let me know if you want any more info on any of the items… Best way to contact me is either pm or email on [email protected]

















I will take - Almax Immobiliser III 1.5m Chain w/ Squire Stronghold lock: £55. please.

First dibs on the RST leathers, can I see some pix of them?

I will have the Kriega US-10 seatpack: £25


size of lid ? & can you picture it ?

Ill take the alpha tank bag £25

Also interested in the ixs leathers (subject to fit) any pics please

All dibs noted…

Arai is LARGE and is this design/colour: (not my one in the pic, but is exactly the same design…)

Willt ry and get you a pic of the ixs leathers… wont be until the weekend im afraid…

All this stuff (except for the helmet and HG gear is all at my Dad’s garage in Esher for storage as my flat in Wandsworth is too small! But can drive round to Esher and pick all up on the weekend for those who want to see/buy.)

Thanks, Ian.

ill take it if he doesnt :slight_smile: so second dibs

2nd dibs

RST Voltage Leathers - Red, black and white 1piece race suit with sliders… to fit 42"-44" chest. In great condition: £60

I’m 6foot tall would they fit??

StuntMartin - 2nd dibs noted.Jaime, im 5’ 11"… so may well do. I believe Cabbie is looking on Sunday. But if he declines/doesn’t fit - then will let you know.Jaime, im 5’ 11"… so may well do.

Have pm’d all with replies to the msgs i have seen… so if i have not replied to pm’s then send again as it means i have missed it for whatever reason! Thanks, Ian.

Woo hoo :smiley:

possibly want the:
xtar TCS black and grey leather race boots. £120 new… Selling: £25 (Also size 11).
(depending if they fit)
where abouts are you?

also, do you know which ones they are, and if they are at all waterproof?

1st dibs ixs leathers please. Where can I see and try?


Boris - im not sure what type. But no they don’t have a waterproof membrane. The HG GoreTex boots do tho! Same size.

I am in SW18 2QD where Herndon Road meets East Hill in Wandsworth.

Sleeper - im around Sunday arvo after 4pm at the above address. Let me know if you want to pop round and see them.

Thanks, ill go for the Oxtar ones, cant justify £80 at the moment.
can i come round and try them on at some point after the 27th (last exam :D)

Boris - course… Just pm me.

Im at SW18 2QD in Wandsworth.

Added oxford mag tank bag…

Also HG Pathan leather winter gloves… And 2 pairs of summer gloves - Black RST ones and Red/White/Black ones to go with the other set of leathers.

i may get one of the pairs of summer gloves as well, ill see when i get the boots if thats alright

Fine mate - just let me know when you want to pop over to have alook… take whatever you want from the items listed…