Huge Clearout!!

Ian pm’d you about the leathers again. Cheers I’m still interested let me know if your around tomorrow night.

If anyone wants the RTS leather please feel free to buy them, I told Ian I wanted them and I will still buy them as a spare set if no one wants them but if you do please go ahead and take them.

is tomorrow evening to try (and possibly buy) on boots and summer gloves?

Hi just sent you a mail, please lets arrange somethin for the weekend. PM me if not received the info with your telf number and address. Kind regards

Damn its ashame the lid doesnt fit me would of had that as well !

Updated list - all that is left on the top of the thread is left.
Thanks, Ian.

3 SUITS AND THE VISOR LEFT… edited to show only available items on the original post.

Thanks, Ian.


Many thanks for the gloves f’kin quick service posted yesterday arrived today :w00t::w00t:

and they fit like a…glove what did you expect ya numpties :D:D

dont use them as condom! :w00t:

they only large mate soooo far to small :D:D:D

All items gone except the ARAI DARK TINT VISOR

Was £40 from race visors…

Is official Arai, pinlock ready L-Type…

Sensible offer will be accepted.


Has this gone now? £15?