How to start a blog? Or create own website?

To all the techy savvy people on the site,

how do I start my own web blog or website.

Please make your instructions/comments as clear as possible as I dont want to make any mistakes

otherwise is there someone I can pay to design my website

I think tech people on this site boils down to yours truly, Jay, or Bender (aka SvStretFighter) -

What’s the aim in your blog, I can probably set something up for you… mostly using free software, or depending what you want - maybe even an existing, free blogging service.

feel free to PM me if you want to take this out of the thread… but post useful info here


Hi there :slight_smile: Been a web developer and development producer for the last 7 years and I’m in charge of the blogs trial at the BBC - happy to help in any way I can - here’s my blog for reference

Something like that is very easy to set up and will only cost you about $10 for the year, plus a small fee (less that £10) to register the domain name.

Happy to help in any way I can PM me if you want more info and I’ll send you the links - it’s very easy.


Hey Matt,

I’ve just been PMing with choco - pointed him at WordPress - it’s a great platform- your ConnectionsReloaded theme is really nice, have yuo seen the k2 theme ?

It’s designed to be extensible and moddable (though, it’s not very pretty in it’s vanilla state)


err Hambley. I know I act like a thug at times and burp and dont wash my socks for a few weeks but I am a female

I like the .Mac solution personally.

Although it is only available for Apple users.

yes I like that theame… I’ve modded it quite a bit to take the flickr stuff on this site

but I’m having some issues with the style sheet I need to chase down when I have a second… I’ve not seen the k2 theme… [goes off for a google]


Matt, being an Apple’r - you a TextMate/CssEdit fan ?

What other tools do yo u7use for development on your Mac - having moved from windows about 3 months ago, I find the mac… ‘restrictive’ in some ways…


Is it possible to convert a HTML template I use (I hand code all my pages) into a style sheet?

Choco, my bad - not often one finds a lady calling people ‘mate’ - not that I’m comaplaining

MiniMo, most probably - got a link ?

Some complex TABLE constructs can be a bitch to make look right with CSS (as we’renot meant to use TABLEs anymore)

Matt or I will give our opinion, I’m sure

I do not know the purpose and therefore if this help but you can do your personal page and Blog with myspace too.

Thanks everyone

.mac is really really good if you have a mac - makes things so much easier - especially if you use iLife to construct the stuff…


No Chocs this isn’t aimed at you…

…but as for the mac pc debate…YAWN…

Apple’s latest round of TV ads (view them on their site, they didnt air in the UK) are excellent


didn’t realise we where having a mac / pc debate here? just offering advice for someone who has asked for it… you’ll notice we’ve suggested both pc and mac solutions :slight_smile:

To feed the PC .Mac debate, I got a .Mac + old PC at home, while use PC at work.

I do like .mac because based on a better platform (unix) they are much more reliable and secure than PC’s. There are no Viruses for .Mac (at least as far I am aware).

Got to say that .Mac are much more stylish (both machine and programs) than PC’s.

Got iLife 05 which does not contain what Matt is talking about (i think), Matt correct me if I am wrong.

My conclusion is that:

PC’s are better for Office applications.

Mac’s are better for graphics and multimedia.

But again, this is my opinion…

…and now…

…going back at Chocs original thread, what I can warmly recommend, if he is a newbie of all of this, is to try MySpace first and then switch to a more complex site if he feels like.

He can get his Blog up and running in no time and see how it goes, he can customise his myspace page and learn a bit of html.

A few links for Chocs:

While for customisation:

…Mac debate… it’s a foregone conclusion… polishes his Macs

runs and hides and wishes iFlameProtection was released

hmmm I sense a techy wizard argument coming on

actually my space looks pretty cool Francesco