How to start a blog? Or create own website?

Myspace is generally accepted to be an abomination by those in the know about design and visuals - it’s creators have effectively given an army of monkeys guns… some of them have murdered the art of design and development, others merely wounded it…

In their defense, some individuals have been able to create something worthwhile - some, are even borderline artistic.

If you’re looking for a journal, myspace will do, if you want to hook up with friends, and just network yourself, myspace is what you need…

By all means, try all the solutions - some work better than others, and depending how willing/able you are to learn HTML and CSS (subjects which in themselves can consume volumes and volumes of reference materials) then you will be able to make something useful with any of the options.

|UPDATE:| I just found this, and will be taking his advice in making my own space later in the week…

Well i think thats two things i could go through life not reading is a blog by chocfawn or good old Hambley…

Does anyone on here actually read someones personnel blog??? i could not think of any thing more boring id rather lick my floors

keep licking then

Hambley you sound pretty passionate about this stuff but I think Francesco is looking at it from a more chilled perspective probably till he gets the hang of the more hardcore savvy stuff

flats, I get 400 hits a day on my blog (probably lost people, I know)

But sometimes I post intelligent stuff… book reviews, or how-to guides for tech things I’ve struggled through…

I don’t think I’d read a personal blog… none of this “I woke up at 8am today, felt a bit tired, so i made a cuppa and scratched my ass while I waited for the shower to warm up”

I don’t think I’d read a personal blog… none of this “I woke up at 8am today, felt a bit tired, so i made a cuppa and scratched my ass while I waited for the shower to warm up”

thats what i mean fella who reads sheeeeite like that, over my head a bit all that… now back to licking that floor

With web design, there’s a right, and a wrong way to do things…

The wrong way, was the right way until a couple of years ago, using tables for layout, and etc - and that’s what 90% of the internet’s resources teach…

(Un)fortunately, it’s been replaced with a 'right’er way - that’s underdocumented, but easier to learn, and to use (as long as you don’t go down the old, evil route first)

Half my problem with MySpace is it encourages the old way, with some new bits incorrectly tagged on - so people that start their learning there are doomed to bad habits and mistakes - the other half of the problem, is nobody friend’ed me when I signed up :-W - they give you a blog.

Is your scorn reserved for blogging sites or web design in general?

The internet in general… I think people should have to:

a) Pass a test to show they produce correctly formatted, semantic content.
a1) …of some value, to someone, at least (no more AOL home pages “pictures i took of the washers on my bathroom plumbing, and here’s some kittens” sites)
a2) this data should be in XML, or xHTML - so it can be parsed and altered into a format as desired by the reader/viewer/processing application

b) HTTPs should be enforced for all form submissions, even trivial ones, if it’s not sensitive data - it’s probably not worth posting to a site anyway

c) There should be a single sing on for all related sites (eg. why must I have 4 different logins for all the biking sites I frequent)

d) Online shopping places should provide their delivery statuses in a consistent format, automated into a simple site, similar to RSS (and I know there’s an OSX Dashboard plugin to do this)

e) Everyone should use the same ****ing browser, and IE should work, as per the specifications… microsoft do not have a right to ignore the regulations as specified by the w3c.

… note to everyone - I think the internet is a valuable resource, and some of a-e up there contradict that which makes it such a good resource… but does anyone remember what we did before search engines… back in the day there was one format, and everyone used it.

As a web designer, I have to code hundreds of lines of hacks, just to compensate for bad browsers.

Browsers which should all consist of the same rendering and dom engines - pages, sites and systems should all adhere to the basic principals of escaping input, stopping XSS and cookies… dont even get me started on Cookies

Bah, the internet is simply a forum for people to entrench their existing prejudices. I doubt anyone ever went online and said “wow, I’ve been wrong all my life, better change my opinions.” And blogs, pffff. The “me too” of the intermaweb, like big brother for your PC screen - and I don’t watch that either.

The internet is for porn

CSS tip, always [where possible] use an external style sheet, like .js files, it makes changing the whole site a piece of cake. Alternatively, code it all inline so you can take many hours to make 10 second alterations if this helps keep you in employment . . . .

As for PC vs Macs, my total lack of interesting facial hair, Mambo/Carhartt clothing or even a pair of difficult spectacles clearly identifies me as a PC man . . . .

Well that goes without saying. I never get tired of watching that.

Hmm word press is kinda groovy

thanks all

Gruntmon tut tut take it to the adult pages

Back on topic, , this blog and website nonsense is all very well but it’s actually a lot of work.

Sites like blogger take some of the effort out of it but there’s always the worry that it’s not yours. But managing your own site - software updates, spam, viruses, content management. Think twice, seriously, otherwise you’ll have just another once in while blog.

<shuffles off to the adult section, kleenex in hand>


As someone already said, the only uses for the internet are:

Porn and amusing pictures/videos

Ebay (for bike bits)

Online travel (and trackdays )

Wasting time at the office (hence londonbikers)

For everything else there is an interesting little program called Life 2.0!!! I even heard that the ubernerds now play online games where they live a virtual life…WTF

oh and censorship it appears…my previous post included the word s****** which is now just asterisks.

And if this doesn’t get through then its what Muttley used to do in Wacky Races but could, I suppose, have a racist term inbetween the two s’s…

Snickers are racist now? It’s just peanuts fer chistakes!