How much are window shutters?

The sellers of the house I’m buying have quoted me £1,000 for 4 sets. There is an example in the photo below. Is this a good price? Should I make an offer, decline or tear their arm off?

You should make a blind bid…

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I’m confused, they would take the shutters with them?

Or is it that they’re not installed?

All installed. I think they are just looking for an extra grand.

Tell them no, they’ll have to pay for them to be removed so they might change their tune then.

The shutters are likely custom made for the window though so that price is reasonable I think.


Yeah I agree with me_groovy, what low level kinda bullshit is this?

When you buy a house, you buy as is. Ok I can understand the appliances but the blinds? They’re made for that window so are less transferrable.

I’d be tempted to even say that if they remove them, you’ll reduce £1k from offer… (But that all depends how much you want house)

Also assuming this wasn’t stipulated in the viewing… If it was you may have less recourse to negotiate

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When I bought mine the sellers wanted extra for the blackout blinds, I told them no but they left them installed.
As said above, unless they fit into their no place I’ve no idea why they would take them and to sell 2nd hand you would need to find someone that’s got the same size windows.

Sometimes this sort of thing is negotiated separately as if it’s not included in the house price, you avoid paying the stamp duty. Particularly likely if the house price is around a duty threshold.

You have a few ways of playing this one, but ultimately depends on how much you like the house and how much you want to gamble.

You say, take them with you, but I want the windows all put right, so as Mian says, they then have to pickup the cost of doing that, albeit tiny if they do it themselves, but do they want the hassle?

pay up, or let the dust settle see what they do.

Couple I know sold their house and just left them all as they would not fit in the new house so was pointless, which unless they are really that malicious is probably what will happen.

Easy for me to say sitting here spending your money though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

+1 refuse to buy them

Not only will they have to pay to get them removed they’ll have to pay to make good the decorative order too. Make sure your legal people have making good after removal of any fixtures and fittings in the contract.


Thanks all. Great responses. This is the only forum where people know about everything.

Might just say I’m keen on curtains which makes it seem as if I didn’t want them anyway even though I do.


They look a impractical, opening into the room requires the space to swing open and fold back against the wall.

its unfortunate but they shouldnt be charging for them.
we sold our house with shutters everywhere and it was part of the appeal of the house.

Your offer reflects the house as is, not with or without the shutters

Ps taking them out it easy - I did it a few years back - we changed one shutter from white to dirty pink, but they are useless and wont have the resell value they are asking for

I sold it for £50 btw

this is a great point - if they did remove them then they need to put the damage right

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Yeah, I would be telling him to take the shutters but the window reveals must be made good.

I was actually on the receiving end of a similar problem years ago. Myself and my business partner were moving into an office space and the vacating tenant wanted the full new price for the old fixed shelving. We were loathe to pay full price for what was obviously well used shelving but he knew he had us over a barrel; he knew, rightly, that we would have to replace the shelving like for like if he removed it, it being a very very small office and the wall in question was the only possible position for shelving.

In the end we had to give in because we knew it would cost us the same price to buy new but it would also cost us at least a weekend installing it.

This is different. You might like to have the shutters but you don’t need them.

Ask them if they plan to take/ charge for the radiators as well…


Bespoke secondhand shutters are virtually worthless, never be able to use them elsewhere.

The vendors know this and are being cheeky. I would speak to the estate agent and get them to tell the vendors to pack it in.

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Just had some done and they are not cheap if wood and not MDF. Much better insulation than the heavy curtains we had and seem to reduce condensation on our original sash windows

As above, likely trying on as it’s a pointless faff to remove and take with them. Sure there are other things to negotiate around the house, be courteous as it’s not going to be a deal breaker to lose a house sale over for any seller. Also worth checking the original paperwork on what was included.

I’ll just roll the dice and say I’m not interested in purchasing anything on the excluded list and see what happens.

They also wanted £300 for a glorified shack (summer house) in the garden so it seems like they are chancers.

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People like that amaze me! Last place I was in was rented, I put a shed in there but really was not worth the hassle to get it removed so left it…

Some people will literally try anything…