how good is your council

hi my council is brill, i reported a broken curb outside my house 2 days later it is being fixed. same with a pot hole i reported one on the pavement ouside my house and a week later that was being fixed. i have to say that medway council are the best. :smiley:

good to see you are behaving yourself, i think this year you could win the chunky keyboard warrior award at this rate.

p.s. my council are crap.

Thats really quite impressive, I have reported the strip of road up to sydenham hill about 6 times to the clowncil. Nothign has been done. The road is now even worse as Thames water have tried to replace the vitorian water main. Sadly they managed to fug it up such that they have now dug the road up for a remarkable 4th time to try to stop the leaks which are occuring.

So to recap we have abandoned thames water trucks 24/7 Conway road non repaireers and potholes filled with water! i think i will move to Medway!


my council is Westminster… do i need to say anything more

yes i think you all ought to move to medway. they dont even mind what rubbish they take. the roads here seem to be bike friendly:D

Reported our bins were FULL 5 weeks ago & to this day they have yet to empty them :w00t:

London have a rat problem?? Never :blink:


Redbridge Council are certainly cutting costs as there is a certain present amount of litter on the streets, hardly no bins on the pavements and no street cleaners present etc.

There is a (phantom) dog that is dumping in the public foot path next to where I leave. This dog must be big cos the size of the deposits are enormous!! No-one ever sees this dog but yet every day early morning there are fresh steaming turds along the path. The owners don’t pick it up and always leave it.

This pathway is a regular route for parents taking their young children to school and it can’t be nice for the little kids to be hop scotching around the poo. It grates on me a lot as I have two dogs and I make sure that I clear up after them.

I’ve reported this to my council soooo many times. It can go for about a week until all the muck is cleared up. There are no dog bins for people to put their dogs waste in, so I guess people don’t bother. So its a vicious circle that just goes on and on.

hmmpppfff…and breathe!!

it makes you bloody wonder what you are paying your council tax for.:angry:

my sentiments exactly sweets!

The only time that my local council act is when something has been raised in the local press. Then they move heaven and earth to resolve the problems but only because the locals have been made aware ofthe issue.

tis no dog…i am merley trying to get my own back on the k9 community to see how many dogs step in my crap…;).

i will beat them one day…i will i tell ya!!!


oh perhaps i should do that when it comes to my sons education. he has various special needs and in mainstream school. not coping at all. teachers say the same. council disagrees. its at tribunaral at the mo

Not sure what’s worse biiiig ol steamers or the lil nuggety ones - but at the end of the day its still plop. I saw some guy kinda doing the running man cos he’d stepped in some. Bro, not a good look (or smell)!

Pop a quick letter to the local paper and stand back and watch the reaction. Not wanting to tell you what to put but just ask for advice in the letter as you are a concerned parent etc and I would expect you to get some response from the council. Public opinion for cases like yours carries a great deal of weight (so do my legs but thats another story)

yes normally if you throw the word children into the letter that normally does it:D

If anyone has a copy of Spikes ‘The Milligan letters’ theres a very funy stream between him and Barnet Council under a chapter called the Dog SH**e Incident… sadly he dosent come out on top in that spat.

usually costs quite a bit though

Tell me about it! When we first came to London Westminster didn’t have any places for our son (Autism, severe end of the spectrum) so went almost a year without placement, eventually they placed him in a Special Needs school in Dulwich which was for Moderate Learning Difficulties and involved a 40 minute commute resulting in his nerves being shot through, son has severe difficulties, the last straw was when the missus and I went to visit the school as it was affecting his health to be told he was doing extremely well at the school. I popped in to his class to see him and he was sat alone in a corner with a reading book upside down (he couldn’t read at that point) whilst all the other kids where enjoying cooking. I had to walk out before I dropped both his teacher and the head teacher but not before I gave them both what’s for. The head didn’t even know his name, she kept calling him Mohammed. Quite strange as both the missus and I are Scottish with strong accents. Next day went straight to Westminster LEA and demanded they create a space for him in an appropriate school. They did and he’s now in an excellent school in Maida Hill. The thing is, before place him in Dulwich they told us they couldn’t force a school in Westminster to take him as there just wasn’t the places available, strange how they changed theyre tune when we threatened legal action! Bl**dy council.

hi yes my son is autistic ,tourrets syndrome, sensory problems, adhd has not made any independent progree since starting school. he self harms at school all day, cannot have any body looking at him, nor invade his space etc. i will fight till i get in special school. :slight_smile: