How fast in first gear?

To the red line - without damaging anything…

Will start with a couple I testroad today

Fazer 600 to 70 odd - squealing but ok
Fazer 1000 to over 80 - not on the line either.
ER6F - not much over 50mph sadly

in low range - 0.6mph
in high range - 3.6mph

104 :wink:

But that’s still faster than my old VW - used to do 0-60 in about 15 minutes.



never tried the gamma would blow up and me other bike don’t have a speedo yet :w00t: and my brothers gone to try it oh dear…:hehe:

That must be a very big “twist and go” scoot;)

Wind assisted…ooh about 20…ish


gpz9r about 75-80ish going pop pop pop and the [email protected]’s going sucky sucky sucky :w00t:

mk1 125 gamma a poor 30-35 pmfsl [email protected] also going sucky sucky BANG!! :hehe:

+1 on the ZX-10r

(I saw the stats in the book, not performed on the road… honest :stuck_out_tongue: )

Not sure, I’ll find out tomorrow and post back up.

54(on the speedo) in first as I kick into second on the GSXF

Without changing gear I have gone from standing to at least 104mph with plenty of play left in the throttle! :wink:

I think mine does about 80, i have never tried it though, i feel as though i’m hurting it, with the revving. :smiley:

I think my SV does an indicated 47 before I have to change up. I’ll report back tomorrow. :smiley:


I’ve always saved the 8000+ revs for 5/6th gear only :stuck_out_tongue: and mostly stay with the 3000 to 7000 revs.
Although I do remember getting 100mph on the 2nd gear when I took the RR for my first spin :smiley:

Bloody twist and go CRT/CVT are so smug. It’s only first gear to you 'cos it’s the only damned gear you’ve got.

Get a real bike and put some effort in travelling at the same speed.

Seriously, what’s the point in knowing how fast a machine will go in first gear?

(When I was working on the old McLaren CanAm cars with clunky Hewland gearboxes, I could easily have put together a 1st gear, 140 mph package. Whether the clutch would have lasted one standing start, I don’t know.)

CB500 can do 40 something I think, almost 50. You can hit the readline no proproblem so long as there is oil in the engine. I’d done it loads but when there was no oil it broke.

Just wondered mate :slight_smile: Not the most practical riding for sure.

My Gsxr 600 did 75 in 1st, that was from standing still to the limiter :smiley: