How fast in first gear?

46mph in first on the TDM900, but then it only revs to 8000rpm

Technically I have an infinite number of gears.

to quote JimC - “I don’t know which gear I am in, but I do know it is the right one!”

about 80 summit on the SV1000S, the naked SVthou has diffrent gearing so be intrsted to find out what that does in 1st:)

about 90

What gears.

lol, the little lever near your left foot :w00t::D:P

it controls the number of hamsters turning your front wheel :hehe::D:P



I know where it is but i don’t have one.:smiley:

Really !

Sounds like the tea leaves that went after Toby’s bike have switched their attention yo yours!! :D;)

John, you have exactly the same engine/transmission as my bike - therefore, an infinite number of gears. See here.

I thought everyone knew what i ride.

About 50 in first but first gear is really short on the Tiger 1050 for some reason, click up to second and it pulls like a train…

The CB1000R was 72 to redline.

About 212 MPH.

That’s when the NAWWZ kicks in :slight_smile:

on this :hehe:

lol, though you were riding the bike in your avatar, which looks like it has gears :smiley:

THAT is an excellent vid :slight_smile:

In which case you don’t have any gears at all, you’ve got pulleys ! :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture in my avatar is my youngest daughter on Powerpuffs race bike.