Hot Start Problem Part #24


Hope all well and riding safely in this latest cold snap.

Ongoing Street Triple issues. Hot Start problems seem common on these (and Speeds, Daytonas and others). Mine is a 2010.

  • Cold start no issue.
  • Hot start (starting again after riding for 30mins +) no work (as per link above from this morning)
  • Reg/rec already replaced recently
  • Rad cap already replaced recently (some theory about pressure build up)
  • Can’t remember if starter motor replaced, but I think that’s beyond me.
  • Recent big service with valves checked
  • Battery is healthy, 2 years old exactly, measures as it should (have not measured voltage when it doesn’t start when hot though).

Already tried to research on bike specific forums. Its definitely common, but there seem to be lots of causes and placebo “fixes” out there. There are some strange “solutions” including drilling into the starter motor and adding an earth wire. Don’t want to (know how to) do that.


  1. I don’t really want to buy another battery unless that is very likely to make a difference. Would a higher powered (CCA) battery help at all? Currently have a BS Battery one (From Sportsbikeshop) with 135CCA. There is a 165CCA one that fits. I may be barking up the wrong tree here though.
  2. Any other ideas/experiences with this (seems Triumph specific)?

Having spent a lot sorting other problems, not keen to give up on the bike, but there comes a point…

Thanks as always

Do I hear NT typing “multimeter”?

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That does sounds very reluctant to turn over. There is not enough juice getting to the starter motor.

I presume when it does eventually fire, it runs okay?

that sounds almost exactly what @BigRedS had on his tiger, its issues with the starter motor getting hot, and then not starting till it’s cooled.

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Its a low battery voltage issue, the first thing to check is that the battery terminals are snug and tight. Other causes and things to check are.

The voltage across the battery terminals…
ignition off standby voltage expect greater than 12.4v, if less fully charge the battery.
ignition on expect a slow voltage drop to no less than 12v
cranking the engine expect a voltage drop to no less than 10.5v.
engine running at 4,000 RPM expect between 13.5v and 14.2v. If less than 13.5v suspect the stator, if more than 14.2v suspect the regulator/rectifier but don’t panic buy parts as further tests are required to rule out causes such as poor charging system wiring, chassis grounds, connectors etc.

If it was mine I’d fully test and check the charging system for any faults which is simpler job than folk think. The parts to test in order are the battery, the wiring, the stator and the rectifier. Prove any parts have failed before any willy nilly repair or replacement. ElectroSport have an excellent guide and explain how to fully test the charging system better than I could here

enjoy the read

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seems likely. same components. did he get past it?

thank you. will try and take some readings. especially when it fails.

“don’t panic buy parts” - very guilty of this

It’ll be the starter. The 675 and 800 engines share a starter and the older (pre-2015) ones tend to fail by around 35k miles

Get one from a more-recent engine off ebay (poke about on fowlers to get the part number you’re after) or a rebuild kit. There’s an american company (rick’s something?) that’s well-regarded among tiger owners.

is this what you mean? (although this is not a great example of one)

and this is the Ricks one… pricey

You want this guy: Triumph T1312223 Starter Motor, Black

So one with T1312223 on the label. That one is T1310060 which is one of the ones replaced by …2223

There are brush kits about I think, too, but I’m not certain. I’d have a poke about on Tiger forums to see what the current thing is, I had all these problems six or seven years ago now :frowning:

Just to be sure, though, this is the symptom I had:

If you don’t get it solved on here, try . I was on that forum a lot when I had my Terrible Triumph , the 2013 model Daytona 675. There is probably more technical knowledge on that forum that at Triumph HQ, and certainly more help and friendly advice. That forum is only for 675cc Triumph owners, and they are a very friendly bunch.

Just in case you’re one of the few people on here that hasn’t heard, I bought a six month old Daytona 675 from a main Triumph dealership, and had it regularly serviced by that shop. In the 24 months I owned it, it had 17 warranty issues, 16 of which where dealt with. I won’t whinge any further about this. Today :slight_smile:

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looks and sounds like exactly the same problem you had (my link above)

I have tried to join as you suggested. They haven’t “approved” me yet. Perhaps they can foresee what’s coming!

you experience was clearly worse, though this is highly annoying.

to update this. I got the new/improved/should have been like that in the first place starter motor as recommended by @BigRedS . It has been a couple of months since installing and no recurrence of the problem so far. It may come back eventually and @National_Treasure is no doubt correct above. But for now, more crank power is working fine. Didn’t replace the battery.

This bike is definitely a case of “would have replaced it at the first problem if I had known” but now “spent so much time and effort sorting, it must be worth keeping”.

I wouldn’t buy another Triumph.

Thanks for the advice all.