Piaggio Typhoon eleteric start intermittent

Hi guys,
So I have a 2019 Piaggio Typhoon 50cc that ive been fixing up as it’s been sat in my garage for nearly 3 years. I swapped out the carb and spark plug and managed to get it starting but encountered a problem. if I leave it for about an hour and come back to it I can’t use the electric start until I start it with the kickstart and then from There the electric starts works fine. Not sure why but is really annoying as I need to sell it. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

My bet would be the battery has gone. See the other thread on a Triumph starting issues (unrelated to you) but it has @National_Treasure 's sharing of a guide to checking electrics

Could be the starter clutch is jammed. When you say the you can’t use the electric start, what exactly does happen? If it’s a low battery it’ll try to start but sound really lethargic. If it’s the clutch then the starter motor will spin really fast

When I attempt to start it, it just cranks but no start doesn’t seem as if its lathargic just a normal crank sound but no start

I will try this on the weekend, only thing is I did replace the battery but then the new one died so I recharged it and then seemed to start fine but after that one time it started having this issue. But I will check voltage as maybe it wasn’t charged properly.

Ah so that’s a bit different than thinking it had just sat there for three years.

I’m out in terms of ideas, battery was really my only shot :smiley: