Honda NC700 test ride

Well I rode one today as my mate had it on test . My mother says if you cant say anything nice dont say anything … . . … … . .

enough said :wink:

You tried one too ? :hehe:

Might be better with the DCT!

Well ok, better than say a scooter :stuck_out_tongue:

Its flat as it is with a gearbox . Really flat .

@NumNum - I think thats why a lot of the major courier companies are ordering this bike. If its boring, bullet proof and has good fuel economy (65-70mpg I think it was) then it ticks all the boxes.

I am sure it makes excellent sense to a courier company . I however am not a courier company … And you have listed the trinity of dull so my point stands firm . … Nothing good to say :slight_smile:

Look at the plus side though that bike does more miles in a gallon than your bike does per tank :w00t:

Yes okay … But my miles will be more fun :wink: A bike should atleast accelerate in first gear I fear a steep hill may bring the honda to a halt :smiley:

Yet another missed opportunity from Honda … ?

it wouldn’t be on a list off dream bikes…

It aint no hornet replacement thats for sure .

The DCT version has different mapping with 10% more power - but the bike is not meant to be about power and chasing the red line anyway. Honda claim 78mpg and tests I have read suggest that real world figures are not far off that. The tank is over 3 gallons.

It might not be feet first, but I really liked the riding position !!!

They should have given it that 10% . Whats the point in having 700cc of twin that only goes and does what 400cc of single will do ? Yeah its frugal compared to the other similar sized twins …but compared to bikes with similar performance it starts to look a bit silly … As those other bikes are in the sub 600cc single class and probably cheaper to insure and defo more fun .

The version you rode (unike the DCT version) complies with the new EU A2 license restriction for new passers that is comming in next year - that’s one reason why it is gutless.

Old thread revival!

It’ll 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, so I don’t see it being all that bad if like me you mostly ride B-roads.

Was thinking of replacing my Gilera Nexus 250 & Kawasaki ER6f with the NC700s.

It’s got the handy storage and economy like my 250 scooter.
Not as quick as the ER6f but it still pulls to 60 quick enough.

At the moment used prices are pretty crappy. You’re better off buying new for about £300 few hundred quid more (less if you talk down the dealer).

Anyone got anything nice to say about this bike?

Nope. Saw one the other day. Thought it had stalled as I couldn’t hear it from 10 feet away.

The chap on it looked bored to me.

No sure why you would spend that much money on a half a Jazz engine. You can get a whole jazz engine for the same money, similar(ish) performace and a stereo…:Whistling:

And the components are rubbish .It’s made from the cheapest bit they could stamp out of a sheet of mild steel . I foresee rusty bits appearing after its first winter .

i considered one of these when ditching a scooter, and then realised it cost as much to insure as a hornet. i also remembered i had a full bike license.

it will appeal to people getting back into biking who can’t bear the thought of a scooter.

Good one for newbies and DAS schools, come January when they can’t train anyone up on a CBF500 anymore?