homeless coffee

Yesterday after stopping for the weekly juice fill, I saw a homeless guy sitting on the steps outside the petrol station… was not begging was just sitting there.I had no money but asked if I could get him something from the shop, all he asked for was a cup of coffee, so we walked in and while he filled himself up on coffee I had a little chat.

Was a really nice guy as well, I felt sorry when I left as he told me he was sleeping on the streets last night as there were not enough beds, almost wanted to take him home (would have done if my balls were not in danger of being cut off by the missus)

so basically what I’m getting at here is, if you see a homeless person help them out a little, buy them a cuppa, a sandwich, give them a few quid or something you think may help them.
Don’t be the same as the person in front of you who just walks on…

one day he could be your witness.:slight_smile:

Good post mate.

All to often I see people just walk right past people selling the big issue, even when the people selling them are really polite and friendly… I always try to make a point of saying no thank-you, or I’ve already got that one, if I do and always wish them well…

the other day i was up by piccadilly and the fella asks me after i was stood waiting for someone and watching about 200 people go right past without a word, I went past and said “no thanks mate, but have a good night, god-bless” and his words really stood out with me, he said “thanks mate, and thanks for the respect”.

Being homeless is not nice, being homeless during the christmas period is even worse and being homeless when its arctic out is just deadly, so I’m all for sleeper’s idea. Good on you mate.


There is a begger lady outside baker street station. She’s developed her rocking and crying to such a fine art I once gave her a sandwich I’d bought for my lunch.

She threw it back at me and muttered she needed money not food!

I wonder what for.

Nice one mate.

I have had that of beggars before have offered to buy them a coffee or sandwich to be told just need the money.

The rocking back and forth is usually a good indication of mental illness, either from excess amounts of alcohol or narcotics or from just plain crazy.

But there are some genuine ones out there and if I do see any I think I will buy them a hot chocolate (more calories). Don’t think I would want to be sleeping rough when it is cold enough to freeze Padstow Harbour in Cornwall!

I work in a charity that deal with homeless people in central London. Best thing is the hot cup of coffee and some food. if they reject these it is normally because they want money for drugs/smokes/alcohol.

Good on you for addressing the need in an appropriate way. It is hard going being a Big Issue seller, I try hard to make eye contact and be polite, makes a big difference to self esteem of the seller.

Nice one Karl – that is what we should all be doing, even if the offer of food or drink is refused (as is often the case).

Cash is king for most but I’d hate to be contributing to someone’s personal drink/drug/glue nightmare, or even their death.

Nice one Sleeper, people like you restore my faith in humanity. :slight_smile:

Anyone fancies coming out one night on the homless van I do wednesday night and mornings on the weekends !

We get a load of sarnies from Pret which they cant sell beyond that day and go out and hand em out with soup and coffee !

Normally see around 100-150 people per night.

good call m8, but all i will say is yes buy em summat, coffee/tea/sandwich dont give em cash, dont know the genuine 1s from the scroungers

know what you mean, it is a shame really as the bloke I was talking to seemed quiet genuine.

But I guess you get this in all walks of life.

Just wanted to say I think what you did was a really great gesture.

Top Man

I’m not that bothered about contributing to their habit or even their death. Me chipping in will make no difference. I dont get up early to do 2 jobs for someone to spnuk my money!

We’ve all had this I’m sure. I am very happy to buy food and drinks, but if there’s any hesitation or that look in their eyes about having the cash the offer is withdrawn.

I come from quite a humble background, my own mother lived on the streets for very many years until the Sally Army found her. Food, even clothes, yep. Cash? Not-a-weavers-chance!

The worry is always that any money you give is perhaps supporting a drug habit, so like you, I opt to buy the guys a cup of tea or coffee rather than give any cash.

Never been met with anything other than politeness from the beggars myself.

I normally do this, or i give them a couple of quid, i prefer a to give them some grub and a hot drink tho:)

My mum is always doing it! She came home home the other week and told me about the fella near the market, he’s always there with his little dog, Mum went and bought him 4 tins of dog food, a hot coffee, and a load of grub, was just before Xmas, Bless her…(my mummys teh best!).she had a little chat with him, what really got her was the first thing teh fella did was crack a tin of dog food open and feed his faithfull friend, not feed himself and he couldnt stop thanking her, mum shed a lil tear telling me that:)

So i completely agree, dont just walk by…

We are still allowed to give a Chinese Burn to the abusive cash-only ones?:w00t:

In the current economic climate I think we can all expect to see far more people falling into homelessness.

Drug and acohol problems are, obviously, not uncommon although you don’t have be a junkie or drunk to be homeless - some people are escaping violent homes, financial ruin, joblessness or perhaps are suffering from mental illness.

What could be more lonely and demoralising than being in a busy place but ignored or shunned by everyone? A friendly chat or smile can make a huge difference. Giving food and hot drinks is also a great idea, but every quid you give to a drug addict or alcoholic will simply prolong their suffering and time on the streets.

Is anyone really “not bothered” by that?

The other thing you can do is print out the list of night shelters and agencies that help homeless people and photocopy it (sneakily, at work obv.) and keep some in your pockets to give out. Whitechapel Mission usually has all the up-to-date gen www.whitechapel.org.uk

Night shelters are free and are the best gateway to services that will help people get off the streets. It’s so tempting to try and save someone, if only for a night, but you cannot know what a homeless person’s needs really are or be as well-equipped to deal with complications as the agencies.

<lecture ends>

Tell me more? What area do u cover and what time weekends? i always have a problem distinquishing the “true” homeless to the ones who are begging for money for drugs or even the ones who have a home and go on the streets making out to be homeless just to get money to boost their benefit money ? I was shocked to find out that they even DO that kind of thing, but it doesnt surprise me tbh.

I usually throw money into a guys guitar case, who plays in the tunnel at Romford, hes not that sad actually, can play a tune or two…dont know if hes doing it to supplement his benefits or for other reasons but i still feel sorry for him.

Ive seen a guy with a small dog in Romford too, only not sure about him and feel more sorry for the dog? Reason i say that is cos one of them was on one side of the pedestrian walkway, and another guy was on opposite side, and they met up to see how much money they had? Got the impression they were off to buy drink but it could have just been me getting it wrong again?

Went to help this old boy who sits around Heathway, hes got one eye and long beard etc…often wonder how the hell he manages in weather like this…but hes always back again year after year…but i offered to buy him a burger and coffee and he threw it back at me and said to “go away” !!! ha ha (maybe he thought i was trying to pull !!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of them frighten me with the way they stare at you…keep thinking im gonna get stabbed or something ! And some seem to be a lot more savvy than i am and can prob wind people round their fingers to part with the cash…so i just never know whos genuine and whos on a scam for the day? :unsure:

I’d be interested in finding out more about theis.

Do you do cake?;):smiley: