Here's a Timothy Teaser!!!

Get your thinking caps on!

How many Bus Stops are there on the M25?:cool:



well its either none or 2, so i am going with 2

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bus on the M25!!

One, South Mimms srevices.

If it’s at the services i don’t think it counts… The M25 is the bit of road between the blue M25 sign and the end of motorway sign…where motorway regs end… anything outside of those signs is not on the motorway and therefore not on the M25. :slight_smile:

I think you’ve just spoilt his test :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure I know the answer - there is a bus stop either side of the Dartford Crossing for pedestrians and cyclists so that is four stops in total, two on each side. :slight_smile:

However the Dartford Crossing is technically not part of the M25 - it is the A282. :cool:

south mimms are off the motorway likewise dartford ones, clacket lane near junc 6 are the only ones techincally part of motorway :slight_smile:

I’m with the none on the M25 lot.

We agree with the “buff guy”

Nope, you are all wrong so far:cool:

There is actually a bus stop on the M25, not at Dartford Tunnel and not at South Mimms Services.

Care to guess where?:smiley:

I tried to think but can`t figure it out, where is it Chunky boy.

Terminal 5?

Is it on top of the Holmesdale Tunnel or some such nonsense?

Is it in some roadworks ?

holiday inn in brentwood has a bus stop on the m25:D


Well Done that man!!!

There is a bus stop on the Hertford Road where it goes over the Holmedale Tunnel so it’s actually ON TOP of the M25;):D:D

Some good guesses chaps;):smiley:

So there are technically none then!!! You did ask “how many on” and not how many on top of :Whistling: