Hi all I got busted back in september doing 122mph, I have got my court stuff this morning, can anyone help me.

122mph??? Only the good lord himself can help you outta that one… or Mr celebrity Loophole Lawyer Nick Freeman.

Good luck still.

claim extenuating circumstances, you must drive to work, and therefore make money to put food on the table for your family, or similar.

i got no points but a 3 month ban for doing 100 in a 40 zone. i guess you’d be lucky to get the same.

good luck


To be honest mate, TonUp’s right…that’s probably a deal breaker with most judges…they do a nasty line in making your licence vanish.

Good luck mate.

You might even want to practise “Slopping Out” !!


Put ya hands up and take it Financially…a good Brief will argue the value of your Licence !

good luck is all u can say really…

Best of luck chap… hope you have a good brief

forget the brief, if its magistrates, go in there with reebok classics and addidas jogging bottoms, look as much of a chav as possible, believe me thats better than wearing a suit or similar, i wore a suit, but got worse and got charged more than those ****ing chavs in there with nearly the same speed difference

It’s strict liability so all you can do is bend over

The magistrates have heard it all before so there’s no point telling them that you were late for your ‘back, sack and crack’

Good luck mate, I can’t see you getting out of a ban though.

As Trojan said good luck but that sort of speed you might be a pillion for a while.

Just tell them youre a copper....Thatll get you off everything.

rofl! So true!

I have not got a clue why they are trying to bust my ass for no license ??? the speeding I can understand but no license ?

122mph and No Licence !! (meaning no Insurance)

Id ban ya for life !!

Ouch Jason.

Hope it went,well, just went I suppose.

Fill us in mate with the result. PM if you want.

Blame the cop… If it is a VASCAR mounted on a car claim they were tailgating you and you were scared for your life… Got me £100 fine + £32 for court cost + 6 point on my now surrender for a French one licence when I got done at 112mph on the M25

Looks like you going to have lot of time to play airsoft…,

Ehhhhh… wft… sounds dodgy to me

If you get done for speeding fair enough, but if you have no licence which means no insurance i hope the lock you away and through away the key.