Help .... Son's lexmoto electric start fault

Hi all.

Bought my son a 2013 Lexmoto LSM 50 and have been 'do’ing it up over the past few weeks.

The kick start works fine and the bike does everything it should … However, the electric start has a fault.

Hitting the electric start turns everything over but not engine ‘take off’

Solenoid checks out okay
Starter motor is kicking in, moving into position and turns the engine over.
Battery voltage okay.
Have tried elec start while coupled up to the car with jump leads. Still nothing.

I’ve tried pulling in the rear brake while hitting the start switch - nothing.
I’ve tried clutch in while hitting the start switch - nothing.
I’ve tried both the above together - nothing

There is a push button by the rear brake for which I have no idea what it is. Wiring diagram shows nothing so may be a rider add on. The switch is faulty but with ignition on there is 6v. I’ve tried connecting the two together while doing all the above again - nothing.

Anyone got any ideas of where I can go next … and I don’t mean the scrap yard Wise !!!

I should add, have tried all with kick stand down and up …

Have you checked continuity on the electric start button and wiring?

Is it turning the engine the right way? :wink:

My bad I read it wrong :see_no_evil:

Meant to have problems with poor/ insufficient earthing. Check the main earth first.

Does it push start as well as through the kick start?

Took the side casing off to watch.

Yes the ‘fly wheel’ is travelling in its arrow direction.

I’ve taken the earth fixing off, cleaned and re-installed.

The starter motor, as I said say, does spin and falls into position. And it does appear to be a good turn over speed.

Haven’t tried push start - kick start has always worked. What would this show?

Is it sparking when you push the electric start?

Aahhhhh … need to test that.

I’d check its sparking, I’d also spray a bit of easy start direct into the carbs if it is sparking and see if this works if it has a fuel pump.

I’m not sure what it could be without seeing it but they would be my first bits to check.
Failing that maybe the starter motor is not turning fast enough…

Why spray easy start into the carb if it starts off the Kickstarter
Spraying easy start into a two stroke isn’t a good idea

Right just checked. With plug out I get a spark via the kick-start. I DO NOT however get a spark via the electric starter.


Battery or electric starter button died

Didn’t know that model was 2 stroke, my suggestion for easy start was incase it has an electronic fuel pump that is faulty.

It’s hard to put this into theory in my head but I think you have a bad earth somewhere…

Battery tests check out fine.
Tried off car’s battery - same result.

Have just read a forum page on same issue but different (larger) bike.

Conclusion was faulty earth or faulty ignition.

Shit …

So The earth can’t handle the load of both the starter and the ignition; sounds a reasonable conclusion.

So what’s my next move … Locate and clean up all earthing points and check earthing wires?