Help please - Crash

hiis anybody able to help or give advice? other half crashed our bike on leybridge road, been waiting for the rac for nearly 3 hours now. just rang them and they are bloody hopeless.

anyway, the scooter ride who caused the accident by pulling out of a side road drove off and al breaking slid into the back of a car in front. the car driver has his details and it sounds as if hte ninja has had it. i think he should report to the police as the person who caused the accident rode off and that is ‘leaving the scene of an accident’??? and a criminal offence???

i dunno if i can help but i will be goign through there in about 20 mins or so if hes still there i will stop see if any mates with a van are about.

Call the police anyway, but not on the 999 number, ring the local nick and go through to the cad office to report

Ouch hope hes ok, bikes can be fixed.

Scooterist wasnt hit I assume, so he wasnt essentially involved I guess. Sounds like the ins company will say its a rear ender and thats full liability regardless of circumstance :frowning:

But dont take it from me theres plenty of peeps here who know more than I do…

Anyway hope hes Ok and is not too bruised and battered or aching tommorrow morning.

GL fingers crossed


also are there any witnesses that saw the scooterist? :ermm:

like R said hope hes ok… bike can be fixed/replaced

any cctv about aswell u never no?

thanks peeps, will report to police.

beware of scooters

ratty, if you can stop, sure he could use some company even if for a couple of minutes to rant as i just ranted at him.

Beware of anyone who’s going to pull out into the road in front of you.

Hope you get this sorted quickly.

mate! have you got an RSS feed filtering on any posts with scooters in it! :hehe: :w00t:

It should be reported to the police as a failure to stop.

The highway code is rubbish on this as it talks about collisions, but the legal duty places the obligation on a person who by using the vehicle on the road caused another vehicle to be damaged or person/animal to be injured.

So therei s no need for the scooter to be directly involved i nthe collision if it caused the accident.

Where is Leybridge Road?Just googled it and it only comes up with Leybridge Close, anywhere near that? if it is its not far from me. I can go out in the cage with a flask of coffee or sumut.

Lmao. :D:D:D:D
On the topic, my thoughts are with ya!


I’m agree with you. Doesn’t matter if it’s scooter, car or a pedestrian.

Could it mean Lea Bridge Rd, Clapton to Leyton?

If it is Lea Bridge (waltham forest) please say which intersection as I can go that way to the Inbreds meet.

I also know someone with a van in central london if you need (ours doesnt have a radiator in it at the mo).

Just to absolve my self from blame, i didnt say it WAS i was just hazarding a guess in trying to help.:blush: Fingers crossed anyhow.

thanks everybody, specially ratty who stopped and is waiting with al for the rac to sort the bike out.for all the guys if waiting unsuccessfully for pickup follwoing a crash, do not attempt to ring emergency people yourself a second time, get your wife/girlfriend to ring them in a calm but very sarcy and demanding tone. after my call it only took them 45 mins to get there. that’s the effect i have on people. :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

no worries,:slight_smile:
poor sod was frozen!! twas outside the riding center/stables on lea bridge, just as i pulled up teh RAC arrived, we had a natter about what happned, from what i can gather the scooter was at fault.

bike loook sbit sore, mainly plastics i think tho, frontal area, r&gs did a good job! and teh main thing…is your fella is ok, you know what!? i didnt get his name!:w00t::smiley: