Help please - Crash

AND scooters! specially in london partyicularly 125’s with L plates…maxi scoots are normally ridden well:D

Andreas ol man is Ali (alistair) Ratty. I tried to call Andrea but that woman never answers her damn phone !!! GGrrrrr Andrea !!! its a ancient phone that never tells her when shes got a text or call !!! change ya phone girlfriend !!

Anyways, i got a call from Trisckie and called Andrea but had to leave a message !! (damn her phone) was going to try and find out if Ali was still waiting and jump in the car to get him? But Trisckie said this post was earlier in the evening so he was prob at home now…why didnt you ring me Andrea? i could have made it to him from home and he could have sat in my car at least till the RAC came for the bike !!! (we are going to have words about phone girl !!) think a new one for xmas is on the cards !!

Sorry about the bike, and glad Ali is ok, as he can be !!! (god i bet you DID have words with him too !!!) :w00t: Damn it girl…this is going to be hard to get anything insurance wise…theres no witness? Oh boy…right before xmas…u are not having any luck with the bikes eh girl…:crying:

got your message mate but was out last night and didn’t get in until late. :D:D

al is ok, bit bruised and i couldn’t bring myself to look at our baby. no doubt, there’ll be a social services enquiry about abuse of bike baby. there should be.

… and did i rant at him :wink: :smiley: