Help me out

Right was married ten years until the B**** chucked me out and moved her new man in, consequently my Facebook friends went from over 150 to less than 5

So if anyone on here wants to make me a friend on FB my name is Simon Honour and profile pic is Black background with “Talk to me” written on it

Appreciate the gesture if you can

It’s 12 now :w00t:

/me is the muppet with the same avatar as here

Cheers bud:P

real friends paypal me £20 if you want to be my buddy :hehe:

Sod off mad dog…u aint even on Fb u chav:D

Jesus after what I am paying her I think I have a tenner left so could buy half of you as a friend:P

cos that would be yet another place you stalk me on:crazy:

Pmsl…u wish mr billy no mates:P everyone knows u stalk Ally;)

for £10 i’ll tell people you is cooooooooooool and laugh at your jokes:D

Just sent £10 to MAD-DOG hahahaha

Try just binning FB!! That’s what I did:D and I don’t miss it one bit:)

Yeah caught him peeping through my window with Sneaky earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

14 now & growing :slight_smile:

Added :slight_smile:

Done… not that I use FB much…

done :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys and Girls, upto 18 now… Any more???


+1 more. ur such a friend collector :P:D

your on it too much Clarence :smiley: