Help me out

done, but i’ll delete ya if you fill my home page with sh1t games and links :smiley:


Would do fella but don’t seem to be able to find you!!

I had a really good friend once upon a time.I lost him to facebook unfortunatley :frowning: He is not the man he was at all.

He is hooked on facebook. Don’t think we will ever get him back which is a shame. I still LOVE you Baz one day I pray we get you back man…:slight_smile:

+1 but also lovey shit

Not that hard! if I can do it you must be able to hahahaha

Simon Honour with a profile pic thats all black with “talk to me” written across the middle

I don’t think you’re trying really hahahaha

Thank you to all “my friends” that i will have to meet now, just point yourselves out to me lol:P:hehe::hehe:

No worries fella just get to bm

P.s I’m Barry


Oh and whats the car, Golf VR6?

Borough Market

Borough Market every Wednesday us lot meet up there’s also Blackheath tea hut.

Yeap mk2 vr6 project it’s forever on going :slight_smile:

My build thread

Sorry, only friends, people I’ve met or some mods on my friends list.

I’m having a cull next week.

Does that mean you’ll leave me alone now?

And stop having dreams about me? :w00t:

Yeh I deleted well over 100 a few months ago, great feeling

allright, done…

(this site is looking more like a charity website than anything else lately) :D:D:D

ah, i’m proud to say that i’m not on this death trap facebook or back in the days it used to be myspace…

so what’s your purporse adding all those people to your page? sure lb is great bunch but will you ever really get a chance to meet all of them or more important strike a good long-lasting friendship?..hence the reason why i’m not on facebook, like i said once if someone wants to be your friend they’ll contact you via phone :slight_smile:

anywho, each to their own

ooi! I met you through forums/sites like FB. don’t knock it:Djust don’t go FB mental :crazy:


Also done

I added you matey.

Don’t worry about the ex wife there’ll be another one along soon :stuck_out_tongue: