Hello folks, it's been a while

New here, been reading a few posts over the last few weeks and thought I’d sign up.

North London suburbs based and about to be a biker again. It’s been a long time since my last bike, usual story, house, kids etc. Been good to reconnect and understand the current issues bikers have.

I’m going to get a bike very soon, started with the test rides and already I’m torn. Just the one bike has to cope with two up touring in comfort with luggage, nipping into town, trips around the country/ coast. Probably no more than 5 years old though could be nearly new. Got to be reliable, too busy to have it in bits all the time.

Dirty little secret…my first test ride was a new shape Honda Goldwing…and I loved it! Massive thing but what a piece of kit, am i mad to even consider it?

Anyway, nice to meet you.


Howdy, one thing that was said to me when buying my first bike was get the one you like the look of because you have no idea if it’s the right one for you unless you’ve managed to get a long test ride.
The Goldwing is a heavy first bike to own, if you’re thinking of more spirted solo riding it’s not the one to get.

It certainly is a huge thing though quite manageable. One thing I don’t want is a racy motor. My last bike was a 1200 Bandit that willed me to ride everywhere at 100mph! Older and wiser perhaps but not sure I’m ready for the BMW thing.

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Hey welcome to LB.

You mention nipping into town, having a bike the width of a small car is going to be a ball ache for those quick trips.

Parking for bikes is a bugger at the best of times let alone having to consider how much space you’ll need.

As Gav said though, buy what you want and feels right not what us lot say, as no one on hear I think actually agrees on a single bike :rofl::rofl:

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Good points, it’s a very long bike too so it sticks out from a line of parked bikes.

Have some BMW test rides booked for next weekend. Might pop to the local Honda dealer too.

Make of mine has just gone through the same criteria, he’s getting an R1200RT.

Friends of mine have RTs and GSs too. I’m trying not to be too conventional, not really into things ‘German’, but I can see the appeal.

Those new Goldwings can really hustle in the right hands I’ve seen it - bit like the Pan European it as much replaced as it did the previous Goldwing.

I’d say it’s too expensive for nipping to town on myself

Looks like you’re more a sports tourer than adventure bike guy but something like a multistrada 950 might be about right? It’s a good size for two up touring, but not too mad for your first bike back, you can always upgrade if it’s not enough bike. I’ve heard the bars are quite wide and the seat height on it is something else from recollection. Another good option for you I feel is a triumph tiger sport?

The sports tourer as you knew it is pretty much moribund now, replaced by adventure bikes. I tickled with the adv bike thing myself. Really good in town for seeing over cars if you’re in a bus lane and you want to see who’s going to turn into a side lane thinking the bus lane must be empty. Wind buffetting on them is a constant struggle.

Let me know what you thought of those suggested bikes and we can iterate through this until we decide on a good one

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I used to a an adventure bike guy, before the Charlie and Euan thing, just seems like they’re everywhere now.

My girlfriend isn’t a biker but loved the couple of hours on the Goldwing, think she may have to adjust her thoughts on pillion comfort!

Got to go to work now…

Welcome. To be honest there are lots of bikes that could do the job. Go out and test ride, have a look at the Guzzis, something different.

Howdy and welcome HBG.

Consider the Fazer 1000 and the FJR1300. Get good security for the toy. I recommend Almax security chains ( www.almax-security-chains.co.uk ).

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I think you’ve made a rod for your own back there as they probably don’t get much comfier and roomier than the goldwing haha? I think it would be a fantastic bike to get.

On bank holiday monday I was sat on the street near some neighbours and I’ve got one particularly boring one who has to be the expert on everything anyway he was going on about how he “might get the new rocket 3” because he “used to race motorbikes” and “scraped the boards on a Harley he rented in America” - if you dont’ know the rocket 3 has had a similar redesign to the Goldwing. So I actually suggested a new Goldwing and he laughed in my face because of the image. The guy’s an idiot and his opinion is irrelevant but the point is the Goldwing seems to have stigma attached to it and that’s something you might have to live with. Actual bikers and people with brains are probably capable of seeing it’s an incredbile machine or at least having a reasoned argument for not liking it. The rocket 3 will even be popular among the neanderthals.

But, in all honesty, for a do anything bike I think it would be easier to start again filtering etc with the Tiger Sport it’s just whether you are both as comfortable over long distance?


That stigma of the Goldwing is very real. It just screams of America to me and I’m not a fan. No matter what specs you throw at me, I think it’s an ugly impractical bike for the UK.

I know Jay reviewed the new Diavel and found its throttle jerky but I honestly remember sitting on its predecessor and thinking I was sitting on my sofa. It was so comfy I hated it. I thought it was the sort of bike I would only ride when I was 60 and had an arthritic hip. All the performance measures were irrelevant.

However, if comfy is what you’re after, might be worth a try…?

I still maintain my KTM 990 adventure was the best all rounder, even if my wife preferred the naked bike I had before (weird). The 990 is no longer young enough, but maybe the 1050 fits the bill? I only test rode it but found it comfy, not too bulky like the 1290 and can do trips, two up etc.

NB I hated the 990 looks initially but ended up warming to its ugly charm.

When my tracer dies I think I’ll be getting a 1090 or 1050. When the 790 came out, the last of the 1050’s had a £3k discount in dealers!

For what it’s worth HBG, don’t get a tracer 900. the load carrying for them is rubbish.

Bugger was just in the wrong life moment. A few years earlier and I would have splurged…

I was just getting the tracer back on the road. They wouldn’t have given me anything for it in trade in though.

The 1050 was discontinued, and replaced with the 1090, which in itself has been discontinued in the UK in favour of the 790 Adventure, which in all likelihood will be replaced this or next year with the 890 Adventure.

I’d go for the 1090, not castrated like the 1050.

Damn. You’ve sent me down the rabbit-hole of watching dozens of YouTube reviews. 0-60 in an effortless 3 seconds looks hugely impressive.

If I was thirty years younger I would be tempted, but at my age it would be too clichéd. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the replies, really nice to hear from so many.

Much to think about and many test rides to go on, starting with BMW a week tomorrow. I’ve a Honda dealer near me, will have a look to see if they are open.

Regarding the Goldwing stigma, what is it that real bikers dislike, apart from Americana? Anyone know someone who has one?

I’m not so sure there’s such a thing as a ‘real’ biker. Riding a bike is enough…

It’s a personal thing for me. It reminds me too much of a car and seems like it’s built for the straight roads of US. It might handle in the right hands but i suspect most riders won’t be able to ride it as hard as other bikes.

It’s also very very impractical because it’s so fat. If I want the comfort and accessories of a car, I buy a car. If I want something nimble that I can just jump on, overtake easily, filter, park anywhere… I buy a bike