HELLLLLLP . . . dunno which bike to go for . . .

I’ve seen two bikes I really like. The Daytona is 05 with 17k on the clock and about £3k

The Speed Four is 03 but with only 13k on the clock and £600 cheaper.

Both from dealers . . . I dunno which to go for :blink::pinch:



What about a test ride on both? Might help make your mind up.

For me it would have to be the daytona, the 4 is a bit busy. But that’s cosmetic and as I havnt ridden either I cant really say.

Go for the yellow daytona, looks good !!:slight_smile:

I’d test ride them both and see which one most suits you, comfort wise. Although nobody rides a sports bike for it’s comfort. If it were me I’d go for the Daytona.

Good luck and make the right choice for you!

I’ve got a mate with a Speed Four. Out of about 2 years ownership, he’s had it back in the dealers for about 18 months. Always electrical problems.

Anyway, they can’t all be that bad, but be careful.

A daytona for £3K…damn where is teh dealer…lol!

that is teh cheapest Daytona in the country, I have been looking everywhere, all day for Daytonas…BUY IT

plus, will hold its value longer mate

Good Luck


Go for the Daytona :slight_smile: Mine was great, well, for 5 days before it went scuffing along the tarmac :w00t: Still one of the best looking bikes I think.

I’ve got a brand new Triumph carbon can and various bits if you’re interested, new battery and set of relays, very cheap :wink: Pitty it’s not red as I’ve also got a tank and top fairing too.

Buy a Gixer. :smiley:

Buy a black bike :wink: Is that any help? :stuck_out_tongue:

the speed four is a cracking little bike but unfaired,and i thought you wanted a more sporty bike,

dont just but one because the price is right,you may regret it as it will limit what you will or may want to do.

the daytona is also a cracking little bike,can be abit tall but very comfy,plastic resin tank which is very comfy and not to radical to ride,so it will be good for touring or trackdaying if thats what you are after.

the brakes are very good on triumphs but after the sv anything will proberly feel good :smiley:

they did have some little niggerly problems which should have been sorted by now.

if you can try and get a 650 i would i know the insurance is a little bit more but the 650 has had everything sorted out and is a very good bike.

hope this helps mate

OR?? buy the Kawak im selling?..see my post !!! :wink:

Defo go for Yellow Daytona :cool:

Daytona all the way mate, however they’re very different bikes, so it depends which one you feel most comfortable on, personally I’m used to sports bikes, uprights feel weird.

Test ride both before deciding.

See :smiley: Told you Mr,Jonny. You should go for the Daytona. You should trust a blonde girl here and there. (not all the time) :wink:

Oh yea!!!

As i said before, yep def that one…much more sexier bike !!! :smiley: ( you know you want to )…:wink: (err…lose the indicators though?) ps, love that pic, looks like whoever got off it…fell in the lake/sea !! :w00t:

Gotta be the daytona :wink:

Nice decision to be faced with! My vote goes Daytona-wards as well. :slight_smile:

daytona…hands down

I’m pretty sure you would be happy with the Daytona however the Four will bring out the Hooligan element in you:cool:

It has to be the green one. Not that i am biased;)

I love the round headlights at the front.