HELLLLLLP . . . dunno which bike to go for . . .

i nearly bought a speed four…

bought an SV instead…:wink: should have got the speed four i think, SV is great fun but speed four would have been better…oh well next bike…

so yeah, speed four!! go for it they look and sound ace!:smiley:

p.s nice avatar!

How about this sexy bike!!! :blush:

or why not get the new limited edition daytona se




But your bikes a make up bag on 2 wheels so who’s gonna listen 2 you :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Go for the daytona Mate

About 300yrs ago I tested the T509 & T595 or whatever they where. The 509 was the nads and the 595 bored me. Nice bike, but boring. The 509, as the ChunkyMonkey said about the SFour, was a riot!

So please dont do as all these knowledgeable folk are saying. Buy the bike that I’m basing my totally outa date experiences on, you wont regret it!You know I’m right!:wink:

My thanx to you all :slight_smile:

It’s good to get some other perspectives on the bikes.

Decisions decisions . . .

… as I’ve said all along … I think you’ll be much happier with the Daytona babes … besides with a few ‘alterations’ it could be our hand-me-down :wink:

Agreed Sneaky.A pal of mine had a slime green 509 which I nicked for an afternoon and although i found it as ugly as sin it did turn me into a hooligan. :DEvery speed bump became a launch opportunity and I dread to think how many points I could have accumulated on my brief that afternoon:w00t:I recon the 4 would be more comfortable for your commute as its a more upright position and will have a better lock for the morning slalom;)

See here


and here


Might help?

I didn’t realise the SpeedFour was only a 600, It will obvioulsly lack the punch of the 509 so maybe not:cool:

Chunky - be ashamed

Offering advice when you didn’t know the bike in question, tut, tut;)

Speed Four is based on TT600 - the fuel injection was bit glitchy (though should have been improved by Triumph - free fuel map. But never properly fixed.

I prefer the 650, but that’s my taste - both get very good owner reviews

I know, very remiss of me:pinch:I was thinking it had the 4 cyl daytona lump in it.*Note to self… Must try harder;)

I agree with most of you Daytona matey!!!

or sell the m3 and get bothf of em… but brand new :stuck_out_tongue: