Hellas Rally Raid 2023

Posting this to give props to @whereisgibson who’s video this is. Well done mate!!


thats really good, i need to go and fix the DRZ already!

Great video

Not seen @whereisgibson for years, here’e one that @nivag and @Boris missed.

Celebrating the end of BST a TOWiE wet roads ride out when we visited and passed through 27 fords across Essex in October 2013.

whereisgibson testing the waters at Nounsey Ford while I rode the Bonne’ through and then crossing it in style, wetting his appetite or practice for the Hellas maybe?

Nounsley Art

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Nice one. Thanks for posting. I am interested in doing that one. Looks like They were unlucky with conditions this year and the fords here would have been decent training.

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What a legend… cracking video, really enjoyed that. :slight_smile:

I especially loved the guy shouting & swearing in English in the thickest greek accent ever… made me think of home

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Proper impressed

My enduring memory of Gibson is the puppy memorial rideout where he marked a huge pool of water on the exit of a roundabout by standing his ktm 640 and himself in it so everyone else avoided it.

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Oh he is bonkers there is no doubt, but an inspirational one who got me started on the mud :grin:

great video, not seen him in a while as well.

I love how you can see how he progressively got more confident as it went on as well.

More epic adventures from Martin

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