Have you noticed ......

… that the most daring bikers, those who weave through the narrowest gaps at the fastest speeds, who swing confidently across lanes of moving traffic with only inches to spare and who always get to the front at traffic lights, nearly always display an ‘L’ plate.

…and are almost all scooters driven by blokes in shorts and t-shirts, or suits!

Maybe they will ‘Learn’ the hard way :doze:

very noticed.


I noticed one this morning as he pulled out from between stationary traffic that I was passing.
He didn’t notice me as I stood 140Kg of bike on it’s nose in an attempt to spare his life.

He did notice me however when I pulled up beside him at the lights :w00t: and shared some musings I had.

To be fair, there’s enough of them on geared bikes as well. I think your point re dangerous driving applies to learners in general. It certainly applied to the lad I saw on a small geared bike this morning weaving all over the place on Hyde Park Corner.

It takes a bit of experience before you realise that you can ride safely and still be speedy enough. It’s just that a lot of people learn on scooters/a lot of scooter riders are learners.

actually most were scooter or sports bike riders until I got my Husky. Now I am that irritating twat:D

But I don’t think they even consider becoming more expereinced to do a test. They probably just keep retaking their CBT every two years.

Why is it most of them don’t bother looking who they’re pulling out in front of. It’s just like people who cycle around london, they swerve in and out of cars, from behind buses without looking and generally get in the way. Grr!

:ermm: shouldn’t this post be in the bovvered section? :Whistling:

It’s pretty amazing that a lot of the people I see driving carelessly (often dangerously, but that’s only in my opinion, which is probably wrong) haven’t “learned” the hard and painful way.

Well the 3 idiots who had offs last night at the Ace and their mates didn’t look like they learned much!!

Yoof are gravel-rash proof.

I was!

Well I thought I was.

I have scars now. :crying:

Your bike shed a huge amount of weight recently??


If it weighed that much - you’d be on front cover of super fast b@stard magazine!!!:smiley:

It`s the scooter commuter riders who ride like w@nkers.

Does anyone remember the old saying ‘ride it like you stole it’? Sometimes I think we should remember that like surfing and sk8ing there is a soul to riding a motorbike :slight_smile: Some of us have it and the others have no idea what we are on about.

I ride my bikes for the far out feeling of being free from all the red tape and over interested advances of the state. Slowly this will be killed off by the state and one day in the years to come I’ll sit down and tell my son of the days when riding a bike was about freedom and playing your hand in the game of life. How times have and are changing :ermm:

Scarier still i saw one today wearing flip-flops!!!

Whats wrong with flip flops - it’s been suggested that I ride tomorrow in me flippers :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: (sorry fins)

Ummmm… that ought to be a fine sight!

Especially the frantic attempts at gear changes :wink:

I had no idea there were so many idiotic cnuts on scooters til I went to the Ace on Monday.:wink:

Are they breeding or something?:smiley:

There were gangs of them sitting at every interchange of North Circ. all my ride home until Finchley.

I overtook one who was buzzing along in lane 2 and TEXTING at the same time:w00t:

Wish i was brave enough to do that;):smiley:

Woo hoo, here we go again.

So the Learners are the gits, but hte learners post back that its not just htem, Scooter riders are knobs too (whihc everyone agreees with :slight_smile: except the scooter riders, who claim they’ve seen some stupid Geared bike riders. A clear vopice pipes up saying, look everyone rides like a twat sometimes, no one’s perfect, to which everyone agrees whilst secretly believing that actually they’ve never ridden like a tw@t as much as everyone else has, and secretly wishes the clear voice would get lost. At which point three people who read the thread title, but NONE of the messages in th ethread respond with “Yeah I agree…learners are rubbish, there was this one once who…”

History repeats itself eh kids…wonder what we’re gonna do next…

  1. Cabs

  2. BMW drivers

  3. Companies we’ve had a bad deal from

You guys are such twonks but I still prefer your company to most of the rest of London! Big up you repetitive LB muppets! :smiley: