Has common courtesy died?

Ok well was on my way to Stacey’s tattoo shop and I had to take a bus and a train as i’m on crutches. Right so waiting at the bus stop and the bus comes, I get shoved out the way. Ok fair enough. I then proceed to get on the bus. Not one person offered me their seat, so there i was struggling to stand while the bus rattled its way to the train station.
So there I was a little annoyed and now in a lot of pain. I manage to get to the train platform and am waiting for the train. Yet again I get shoved out the way so people can get on the train. So I stand back and wait to get on last. I then struggled yet again to stand while the train moved. By the 4th stop I was really struggling.

The only person who stood up to give me their seat was a little old lady who to be honest should have kept her seat as I feel guilty taking seats from older people. I ended up having an argument and she made me sit down.

So where has common courtesy gone? Every time i see an elderly person/disabled or just someone who can’t stand, get on the bus or train or whatever I always offer my seat to them!

Oh and a big thank you to Stacey for my tattoo :D:D

I wish I knew!


a lot of people are ******RS! a lot of people dont think, a lot of people submit to the dog eat dog principle and the rest give their seats up - not many!

People, especially the type that use public transport, are on autopilot 99% of the time. If you called anyone out they would have probably given you a seat, yes you shouldn’t have to but try it next time.

Unfortunately yes, it is dead and buried next to common sense, and decency.

Still there are a few sparks of humanity left around.

Both times that I have had to get public transport after my little offs I got wonderful service from the buses.

First time the driver refuse to accept payment, and dropped me off in front of the bike ship, and I got picked up again by him and got another free ride.

The second time, again the driver wouldn’t let me pay and dropped me off between stops just a few metres from the cop shop that stored my bike when I was in hospital.

I really feel for you Ally. I have spent the last couple of months with a broken collar bone, and people have made it difficult for me on buses and tubes. It must be a lot harder with crutches!!

I’d give you my seat for sure. :wink:

I do sometimes worry about offering seats to old people as the first time they get offered a seat it suddenly dawns on them they are old and if you pick the wrong one they get upset :hehe:

Barging past anyone is not on, some one on crutches is just plain rude.

Ask Kevsta why people give up their seat to him everytime? :w00t:

Its actually common knowledge, that the most courteous people are bikers.
With power comes the ability to see others misfortune and react to it.
People on public transport are the second MOST dis-empowered people hence their aggressive territorialism and inconsiderate behaviour.

The most disempowered people are BMW car owners… they are their bosses bitch even though they pretend to be the power in the company, and they are not even master of their own homes… they are the sort of people who are still virgins, have small willies and are trying to compensate for their inability to amuse and entertain women by thrusting their metal ****-substitutes around putting everyone else at risk whilst obliviously believing people think they are cool cos they drive an M3 like a 17 year old school boy would…

Sorry for your bad day, but remember, you are a far better person than most people. Shame that’s not much consolation but its the best we can offer really…

Awww rnt u sweet :slight_smile:

Thanx for all the nice words guys. I just cant believe how rude people are! I thought it wudnt be so bad… i have to go through all this tomorow at rush hour to get to uni :frowning: :crying:

you should have got a taxi, i know you really like taxi’s :smiley:

those bastards…sneeze on um:)…usually creates space:D

show us your tatoo?

Sad to hear that a old lady had to give up her seat instead of someone else who could see you using crouches and struggling to stand up on a train , guess that’s a sign of society today, I suggest next time you take a pillow and pretend your pregnant what do you think :hehe: ?

HA HA HA i think they wudnt bat an eyelid! No1 cares for anyone these days and it makes me sad :frowning:

hit em with ya crutches, or put them on peoples toes and lean your weight on em…

i hate the bus, id rather walk…

Yeah I know what you mean , small things like people holding a door open for you rather then just letting in smack in your face even though they know your there , to be honest I find it annoying that noone actually made the effort apart from a oap I mean that is bad , I mean on the trains noone makes the effort to talk or make eye contact and it’s always been that way , I dunno if it’s just me who thinks like this but like I’ve noticed my area get worse over the years and you hear on the news about stabbings etc noone makes eye contact with anyone these days because if you look at someone in a funny way your most likely get stabbed for it , people just wana keep themselves to themselves , but things like having pregnant women or old ppl or in your case crouches and noone makes the effort theres no explanation for that , but like I said society has changed dramatically mainly down to crime me thinks

Im too nice for that :blush:

What i need is one of u strapping young lads to come with me and make people move :slight_smile:

I blame Mrs. Thatcher and her “there is no such thing as society” speech. But then I blame her for most things.

Just when I’ve got that sorted, along come Mrs. T. #2, Tony Blair.

I think I’ll move country. This one has damn near irreversably had it.