Happy StGeorges day

Happy StGeorges day to everyone.

Thank you!:kiss:

Hear Hear:D

Happy St George’s day to all :slight_smile:

indeed m8, good call.:smiley:

to one and all, good shout fella

About time someone remembered that some of us are ENGLISH

Morning :smiley:

Strange really that St. George, born in modern day Turkey and died there as well, never visited England is the patron saint of the green and fertile land.

And why is today not a bank holiday? Because we have a sweaty sock as a PM?

Enough of the politics and religion, HAPPY ST. GEORGE’S DAY EVERYONE!

Hear Hear indeed! Stiff upper lips ladies and gentlemen! :wink:

Yep you do have a sweaty as a PM but the previous English ones didn’t make it a Bank Holiday either !

Hopefully one day … it’ll mean I get double time at work !! :smiley:

Never mind, Happy St George’s Day to all the English boys and girls.

Yep, but he’s not in Government now, but he still needs shooting. Can I put round and borrow a few things for a day or two with no questions asked? :Whistling: :smiley:

Happy St. George’s Day everyone.

I’m English and British and Proud :smiley:

For that … you can borrow anything of mine you like !! :smiley:


Happy St Georges day

I should think so too. We the British have brought so much to this world, yep along the way we’ve done things we shouldn’t be proud of but the good far outways the bad. Though we are a little Island, we’re a nation that can and will rise to any challange.

:Dright back at ya all. off for drinkies later :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy St Georges to one and all.

PMSL Kevsta… St Patrick I believe wasn’t Irish either and for the Protestant’s in Northern Ireland, they have William of Orange (a Dutch catholic) as their man.