Happy Birthday Tug:)

Have a good birthday, treat yourself to a bit of chocolate :slight_smile:

Well you kept that one a bit quiet, happy birthday you old git:D

Happy 60th you old —t, i notice we didnt get an invite to the party

60 again???.. :w00t:

Happy Birthday Grandad! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday me Tobin!!! Hope more 51 on top!! And you know you by the coffees NeXT meetting! :wink:

Happy Birthday Tug, see you in a bit for the bumps :smiley:

Happy Birhtday you old timer.:stuck_out_tongue:

not with my back:w00t:

Happy Birthday mate, see you later:cool:

Happy biryhday Tug, have a good day in Brugge, don’t scoff too much choccie :smiley:

Happy birthday fella

Happy Birthday Tugs! Hope you have a great day out.

Happy Birthday Big Man, have a great day and don’t let them tell you to hold off the choccy:)

MHR Tug, 39 again :wink: Funny how the same numbers keep coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you have a bit of fun :slight_smile:

Happy birthday old timer, hope you get everything you want.

Happy birthday mate , bring us back a snickers !

Happy Birthday Tugs :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Tug :smiley:

happy birthday tug have a goodun

Happy Birthday :wink: Do i have to give u that special kiss again? :wink:

Happy berfday mucker, you`ve still got quite a few on me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you have a brilliant day )