Happy Birthday Tug:)

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday you old goat…fiftyten aint it ???

A hot chocolate at your age! :hehe:

Happy birthday mate :smiley:

happy birthday may your wishies come true, :smiley:

Many happy returns big man!

Was it a telegram from HM The Queen today then or are you still a few years away from that…

I’ll say one thing you don’t show your age like Terry Moto does…

Happy Birthday


happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :kiss: Did you get a card form the queen for getting this far? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday mate :slight_smile:

Hopefully see you soon :hehe:

Happy birthday mate have a good one

Happy birthday you D.O.B :wink:

sorry all just got in from bruge had a great day …just like to say big thanks to all who wished me happy birthday on my 41st:w00t:

lol…41…Happy b-day m8.

Glad you had a good day mate