Happy Birthday Debz!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!
21 and some months again?! :wink:

Have a fab day and notice that it isn’t snowing!!


Happy Birthday Debz!!! :D:D:D:D

Happy Birthday Debz

Hope you have a good one


Happy Birthday Deb, enjoy your day being fed strawberries and being pampered :smiley:

Happy birthday Debz, have a great day.

Have a good 'un !

happy birthday debz

Happy birthday babe…:kiss:

Happy Birthday deb, dont work too hard.

happy birthday x

Happy birthday Debz!

Oh you have my age just right Lusty :wink:

Thanks all :smiley:

Happy Birthday debz - from me and christine!

Happy Birthday Debz, another year wiser and still no further away from 21 . . . how do you do it :D:cool:

Happy Burpday Debz!! :D:D:D

Happy Beeday Debz…now its your turn to sit down and let the ol man do the running around !! (wot ya getting? more ann summers stuff?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good day Debz, hope the old man aint got you working ;):slight_smile:

Your cards in the post :smiley:

You don’t look a day over 21 :wink:

Have a great day :smiley:

Have a good one honey xx

Hope you have a great day. Many happy returns