Happy Birthday Debz!

Oooh, that was kept quiet! Happy birthday Debz :kiss:

Happy 21st Debz :slight_smile: Hope you have a good day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :smiley:

Hope You Have a Top Day :wink:

Happy birthday Debz

Hope you have a cracking day:)

Love Chunks xxxxx:kiss:

Debz gets to go on top for her birthday?! :blush:

No, thats my birthday :wink:

Happy birthday Debs, hope you’re having a lovely day and that Grim is spoiling you rotten :smiley:

Happy Birthday Debz, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you’ll be sick and hungover so enjoy today, tomorrow is going to be a b*tch. :smiley:

Many Happies!

Wiz x

happy birthday Debz, hope it’s a good one :slight_smile:

happy birthday x

Happy Burfday mi lovely! Remember, you’re only as old as the hoof you feel! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :kiss::smiley: I hope you have a fantabulous year to come, all the best :smiley:

Happy Birthday hun - have a great day !



Hope you had a cracking day Debz!

xx :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Debz

Hope Grim has spoilt you rotten or if not yet then definately later :wink:

happy birthday debz!:slight_smile:

nealry a belated one but got the PC up and runnign again in time!..phew!

hope you had a smashing day!:smiley:

Happy birthday