Hands up - who is still wearing thermal underpants?

  1. Yes, I will continue until the temperature hits 10 degrees
  2. Yeah, I might be, but would never admit it.
  3. Me? I walk to the North Pole with my sleeves rolled up!

me:D not that they make much diffs mine are crap;) who is wearing wooly underpants? :laugh:

yup ill have my un-sexy long thermal pants on till the sun shines bright :smiley:

Maybe I am thick skinned. lol
I have been biking in London for three years now all year and never used any thermal underware. I must admit that I used a thermal top once this winter though … But I was going around with just that a shirt and a jumper. lol

Never thought of them as comfy… ?

Thermals under my textiles but tough it without 'em when in my leathers and its been leathers for the past two weeks!!:smiley:


still wearing me mankini ya wimps :D:D:D:D

having just got back from Greece where i was riding around for a few days the weather here seems nice and warm!!! :w00t:

Long Johns for me on the way in at least, 06:30 starts are cold.

Just bought some Biker trousers today so if they’re warmer might be different.

Turning colder again soon too.

Lol… that is scary!!

AHH Previous one quoted the wrong post. lol… This is what is scary… Images… I dont want the Images… lol

the roads were! :wink:

Marks and spencers thermal tights:D would’nt be without them under me troosers in this chilly weather;)

Still wearing the leggings although i haven’t been out that much:w00t:

I wear termal vests if it gets really cold as i work on building sites.

Ditched the thermals but will keep wearing the fishnets and suspenders . . .

got them but it’s rare that they go on, it has to be pretty cold


:smiley: (nice to know I’m not alone on this)

I only wear them when we have to start snapping dogs off lamp-posts! :stuck_out_tongue: