H Cafe, who's going???

So after all the talk at BMM last wednesday, anyone actually going?

if it aint raining, i`ll be there. :D:D

not me :frowning:

I’m up for going as long as it’s dry and it looks like it might be :slight_smile:

What H cafe?

Canterbury one?

leaving from where and what time? this the oxford one? Im up for it

count me out, that’s freaking ages away!

I think the Oxford one, someone mentioned at bmm about going, can’t remember who it was??? Serrisan/Geoff was it u?
I’ve never been so just wondered who was going.

I’m still in two minds due to distance and time on a Monday night ( I finish work at 6.30).
Dunno how to get there so if there’s a few of us perhaps someone knows the route?!

Nope not me so must have been Geoff… But I’ve seen it posted around here before…

Mondays I train so no can do :frowning:

Count me in but I don’t know how to get there :ermm:
Have heard about it from Pimlico Pilot.

Count me in but I don’t know how to get there :ermm:
Have heard about it from Pimlico Pilot.

Hi, I think it was me and Geoff talking about it, after we went a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately I can’t make this Monday, as Penn and Teller are on at Wembley Arena :smiley:

Will be up for almost any other Monday evening though!

Well, after riding in this morning it seems my brakes still need a little work, so, shall have to give this a miss :frowning:

I don’t think I’m gonna go now anyway, too late for me after long day at work!

H Café (formerly Fox’s Diner) Oxford Rd, Dorchester on Thames, Oxford OX10 7LY …

Here it is

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Ah sorry folks wasn’t on here at all yesterday… yep guilty as charged it was myself a Zander talking about it at BM…

Bit late but happy to have ride out there tonight if any one still fancies it… It’s H cafe south of Oxford, the old Fox’s dinner…

Im off out about 10 this morning for a game of golf but will be back on here mid afternoon… so just post any interest… look at meeting up say Denham roundabout area, junc.1 M40… early evening and guess its about 40/50 mile run from there… OK see what happens then

Good thread Claire … “Who’s going to h cafe? I can’t in working!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geoff I’m up for it, got a new rear tyre all scrubbed in. What time you thinking of setting off?

Lol, I know I know! Sorry guys! :hehe:

To far.

Sorry Claire, I think it was my fault for reminding you of it yesterday :Whistling: