GSX-R 750 - Best road bike ever?

Really, this has to be the best road-bike, ever. I just love those times when you fall in love with your bike all over again and tap it on the tank, thinking “thank you baby, thank-you”, hehehe.

And a thank-you to the rider on the black and red GSX-R 1000, ending reg BXU who provided some entertainment, and perhaps, shows that with an eight year gap over the 1k, the 750 is as fast, if not faster in a straight line :slight_smile:


I want to get one of these when i’ve got some cash…

750- more useable power

1000- animal…too much oomph?

i know what you mean tho Jay, i often HATE my SV, then there are days i ride it, and it suprise’s me, it reminds me it may be 8 years old and have 42,000 miles on its legs but it still goes like a bike should and it still puts massive smile on my face, especially when i piss all over newer supposedly faster bikes:D

if you cant use the power…you aint shit:w00t::cool:

Too many cylinders;):P:D


gixxer 750 or the older softer fireblades??

me wanty a gixxer 750 track bike reaaaal bad :smiley:

Of course it is, do you really have to ask?!? :wink: :smiley:

I still love my old SRAD 750 the same as the day I bought it, it puts a grin on my face every time I open the taps and even after 12years it’ll still hit 3 digits beyond 150!

It’s fast, it’s actually comfortable, it stops pretty well and even though my version is a bit lardier than the newer breed it still has great handling and feels very planted, particularly under power coming out of a corner while the back wheel is snaking and fighting for grip! :w00t:


Got to say, I’m also completely in love with the Michelin Power Pure tyres. The rear is incredible. The front feels a little vague on slow corners at times, but I think that might be down to suspension setup.

Ratty… The power of the 750 is so usable. I’m in two minds with this and the BMW as they’re both amazing bikes! I get the feeling I would be more at home with the 750 on the track, but the BMW is made for the track, i.e. traction-control etc… And I can’t ride the BMW to work… can’t leave it on the streets! So really, the GSXR is the only bike I need…

Thoughts of returning it to BMW have gone through my mind, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Good job logic has little to do with owning bikes :slight_smile:

Thats why the Monster 800 is so popular.

Got a lot of low down punch, gets off the line quickly, cruises, comfy and chuckable. Everything you want with riding in a compressed town.

750 is just a powerful 600, where the 1000 feels in a completely different league power delivery wise.

As long as a bike can cruise at say 80 without putting a huge amount of stress on the engine, so any bike virtually over 400cc, I honestly couldn’t care what size my engine was. I only bought the gixer thou as its a huge bike physically and I like high speed wheelies.

My NC30 gave me more grins for actual fun factor but im just too big for it.:slight_smile:

IMHO, if I wasn’t 6ft 4 and 17 stone, I’d happily ride another NC30 everyday.Reliable,fun, quick enough for legal limits and looks nice.:slight_smile:

I’ve never ridden anything over a 600cc bike. More than enough exept on a long straight.

its not the best road bike, you got the gixxer 1000 and the blade!!! No suprise which one i would pick but saying this the new gsxr 750 with brembos as standard!! very tempting!

For me, the 750 is more fun on the road than the 1000’s as you can make more use of the performance of the bike before you’re doing silly speeds. Plus it’s more fuel efficient, which might matter to some, now that fuel prices are only going up.

For me as a 5’ 10" rider, the 750 is a better match, size-wise as well. The 1000’s are all bigger, heavier beasts. You can throw the 750 around real easy, which means more giggles :slight_smile:

Went out on the S1000RR this weekend and realised how ridiculous it is in London. Seriously, you need to a minimum of 100mph before you can really enjoy it.

cant wait to feel 160 BHP :slight_smile:

It’s like 190bhp, but not so awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

definetly more useable, i think the BMW would be better on track as you say, its got the traction control, handling, stonking power for the straights;) defo would not leave the Bimmer parked anywhere in town!! hell no!:w00t:

i’ve thought about a gixxer750 but i dont want a sportsbike, i’m looking at SuperDukes and FZ1’s at the mo:cool:

that said in town, my old SV650 rocked, and on the old courier bike the CBF500 i wasnt slow, prob faster than on my thou or on the 650.

now i wonder what the new GSR 750 is like? could be intresting!?

Took mine out for the first real ride of the season , and can say after 6 hrs in the saddle my arse was sore !!

BUT , still similng when I got home !

Think you`re all overlooking the subtle charms of the Triumph Daytona 955.:slight_smile:

See, too many cylinders :smiley:

too many cylinders, no guts, no glory, in fact - no testosterone . :slight_smile: